Hot New Hair Trend! Doll Hair Is Sweeping Japan

First came the side-shaved head, and then came ombre hair. Now, the biggest trend attacking the pretty heads of all the kids in Japan are locks so thick and perfectly manicured, we've named it "Doll Hair". Now before you knock it, we're firm believers that when it comes to indie trends, Tokyo is the epicenter of it all. We saw two-toned hair a full year before it hit the states, and we feel like this thick-banged, curled-ends look is going to be the Next Big Thing. And while we don't totally subscribe to the Living Doll trend as chronicled by the NYT, we think that with the proper styling and an actually adult outfit, this trend could be huge! But are we addled? Could we don doll hair for ourselves, or is this trend best left on the other side of the sea?
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