Your Horoscope For This Week — May 25 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Big news, stargazers: Venus, keeper of your love and relationships sphere, is on the move this week. After several weeks in passionate, fiery Aries, the planet will shift into slow-and-steady Taurus, signaling a major change of pace in your love life. Don't worry; we're not talking about a fizzle — more like a slow burn. As things slow down a bit, take this as an opportunity to step back and evaluate your relationships with some much-needed perspective.
The other big relationship news this week? A new moon in Gemini, ruler of communication, could bring an exciting new partnership. Whether romantic or platonic, pay close attention to the people you meet this week; they just might turn out to be keepers.
Keep reading to see what the stars have in store for your sign this week.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Fantasy or reality? It’s hard to tell for the next three weeks as romantic Venus places the rose-colored aviators over your eyes. While you’ll see everything in an idealized light, don’t gloss over any red flags: a tan line on the ring finger, extended wait times for text returns, too many photos of her in those Facebook shots. Don’t ask, don’t tell is not the way to roll now. If you’re already taken, slip off for a sweet escape à deux. That off-the-grid beach cottage awaits! On Wednesday, chill the bubbly and get ready to celebrate. The new moon in Gemini pushes the reset button on your life, giving you the freshest of starts. Consider this your cosmic New Year, and the perfect time to make a wish list: What would you like to accomplish; where would you like to be; and who should be chilling by your side during the corresponding full moon in Gemini on December 6? If you build it, they will come. Also, an investment in yourself would be money well spent.
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Trying to find love in a hopeless place? Stop wasting your time on the long-shots, Cancer. This week, the cosmos give you back your advantage. With romantic Venus heading into your popularity zone until June 23, you’ll start turning heads with greater frequency. Friends of friends are your best bets now, so ask your amigas to play matchmaker. If you’re in a relationship, win the cutest couple award and show your faces everywhere. Socializing together brings bonding moments, even if you’re hanging with a group. Messenger Mercury buzzes into your sign from Thursday to June 17, making you bold and independent. You’d rather have no one than the wrong one, especially since you’ll enjoy your own company so much now. Raise your hand for a leadership role. You may be the first to step forward, but you won’t be standing alone for long. If you're carrying around some baggage, Wednesday’s new moon in your house of healing and transitions helps you to let it go. This could be a process, so honor your feelings and let yourself mourn the loss.
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New you, new crew? Wednesday’s new moon in your social-networking house finds you craving fresh faces and a brand-new scene. While you don’t need to ditch your longstanding lunch bunch, branch out a little. You’ve stretched and evolved, after all, so find people who share your common interests. Got ideas for an app, blog, or maybe your own YouTube channel? This new moon pushes the launch button. Start brainstorming to see if it’s actually doable. If yes, start producing. Circle December 6, the day of the corresponding full moon, for launching this project. Charming Venus cruises through your career sector from Wednesday until June 23. Translation? You’ll be socializing strategically for the next few weeks, so stock your schedule with industry events and al fresco power lunches. People in high places could lend an assist, so do what it takes to get through that would-be mentor's door.
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Think you have a type, Virgo? Guess again. For the next three weeks, Venus tours your worldly, expansive ninth house. Keep your ears perked for accents or plan a trip to a place known for its attractive romantic options. If you’re already attached, grab the matching suitcases and pack off on an adventure for two. From an Airbnb in Berlin to a cross-state road trip in an Airstream trailer, vacation time stokes the embers between now and June 23. Just don’t wander too far off the grid. Wednesday’s new moon in your success zone could bring a prestigious opportunity your way. Yes, there will be long hours and elbow grease involved, but it’s all leading up to a stunning achievement by the corresponding full moon on December 6. An intriguing man could enter the picture around this time, too. Get to know him slowly. You could be sharing an office or an address before the year is through.
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Sidle up a little closer now, Libra. Romantic Venus, your ruling planet, shifts gears, moving into your playing-for-keeps eighth house until June 23. Anyone worthy of your heart will be all in — or else you’ve gotta go. Note: Trying to turn a player into a prince is a game of diminishing returns. Forget the “projects” and find someone who is ready to date, like, yesterday. Already taken? Venus helps you gracefully entwine. You might start shopping for a joint summer share or even a one-bedroom apartment. Wednesday’s new moon in your jet-setting ninth house brings opportunity from afar. A cross-cultural connection could evolve into an amazing collaboration over the coming six months. You’ll be in the mood to build your empire after Thursday, when mental Mercury zips into your career zone until June 17. Bring on the power lunches!
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You’ve got 99 problems, but a snitch ain’t one. Wednesday’s new moon reminds you why you keep such a tight watch over your inner circle. Trust is a must in Scorpio Central. If people are standing on shaky ground, don’t wait for them to fail your loyalty test. Listen to your instincts and move them back to a less-intimate place in your social org chart. Then, move your focus to enjoying the sultrier benefits of this new moon. You’re bringing sexy back big time this week and, with amorous Venus cruising through your commitment zone from Wednesday until June 23, you may just meet someone who has long-term potential. Where to find your summer love, creative collaborator, or future business partner? Messenger Mercury says, go global! Long-distance connections percolate with promise. Don’t rule them out.
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Grab the Bedazzler and hot-glue gun; Venus flips to the DIY channel until June 23, sending Archers on an adorning spree. No, your tissue box doesn’t need a cozy, but crocheting one could be therapeutic. Upcycle. Repurpose. Everything old is new again, including some sentimental habits. Take a walk down memory lane with a loved one, revive a pastime with your bestie, and maybe, just maybe, give your high school sweetheart a second chance to woo. With Wednesday’s new moon in your partnership house, twosomes will be a grand theme. The right pairings for you are ones that support you in shining as an individual. (Possessive people need not apply.) If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, this new moon kickstarts it for a summer of love. On Thursday, communication planet Mercury slips into your bonding zone and more or less stays put until July 30. You’ll telegraph some seductive signals, Sagittarius. Turn them on selectively so as to attract the right people.
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Modesty, schmodesty. Ditch the crisp, white shirtdress and understated oxfords. With Venus in your glamazon zone until June 23, all the world’s your step-and-repeat. Call attention to your craft — you’ve earned your bragging rights, so you might as well self-promote. Your love light is beaming like the Vegas strip, too. Sparks could fly with a creative type, or someone a bit over-the-top, so take some time to explore. When you’re not kicking up your heels, get your feet onto the yoga mat or elliptical. Wednesday’s new moon in your healthy living house sounds the call for stellar self-care. If cupcakes are on the menu, kale should be, too, so your body stays in balance and your energy levels high. On Thursday, messenger Mercury moves into your commitment zone until June 17. Someone you meet — or reunite with — could prove to be exclusive-relationship material. You could also be offered a contract in the days ahead. Sign before Mercury turns retrograde on June 7, or wait until July 1 to ink.
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Wednesday’s new moon in your house of fame and romance puts you in a red-carpet state of mind. While your trek to “Hollywood” could take until the corresponding full moon on December 6, the journey begins now. What would you like to be known for, Aquarius? Whether your name is literally on a marquee or your work speaks for itself, aim for excellence and make sure people are watching. Your love life gets a reboot, too, whether with someone new you meet this week or a passion revival with your long-term amour. Celestial aesthete Venus decamps to your domestic zone until June 23 giving you “host with the most” status, so put another leaf in the table and live it up. Mercury is cruising into your healthy living zone, so keep the cuisine fresh. The quickest way to anyone's heart between now and June 17 is through their stomach.
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Garrulous Venus crowns you the reigning monarch of social butterflies until June 23. And, with Mercury in your romance zone from Thursday until June 17, there’s no shortage of amorous admiration coming your way. Careful, Pisces: You could break Facebook adding so many new people to your posse. Like signmate Drew Barrymore, you’re the ultimate flower child, and you genuinely do adore most people. Just make sure your VIPs don’t get shuffled to the back burner. While you’d prefer to keep things light and breezy, Wednesday’s new moon in your house of intimates could send up an SOS from home base. Check in with old friends and family. They could use some of that irreplaceable Pisces empathy and support. Do you love where you live? The moon lights the way to a new decor scheme — or a new address.
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Cue the John Legend. Your love life slips into “quiet storm” mode as romantic Venus decamps to your slow-jamming second house. Fireworks? No, thanks. You’ll be happy with comfortable co-existence. If a connection’s been careening towards the disaster zone, then slow it down. This is not beyond repair if you pace yourselves. Socially, you’re ready for a reboot, which comes courtesy of Wednesday’s new moon. With your ever-evolving interests, you’ve stretched and grown. Search for people who stand on common ground. You could find them locally or online. On Thursday, messenger Mercury slips into your cozy fourth house making you crave the comfort of those who know you well. Familiarity does not have to breed contempt. When you’re not busy networking, give your mom, sister, or childhood bestie a buzz.
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You’re getting more buzz than the Kimye wedding this week, thanks to charming Venus (your cosmic ruler) moving into Taurus until June 23. The planet of love and beauty visits your sign once a year — a time to primp, flirt, and spread sunshine. Summon your inner tastemaker and take some fashion dares: lavender locks or dresses with cool cutaways, perhaps? In love, be bold and audacious. If they can’t handle full-on Taurus, there’s only one word to say: Next! Wednesday’s new moon electrifies your finance zone bringing fresh earning opportunities your way. Cutting your teeth in a new industry might even be an option, but be patient with the process. Wax on, wax off, Taurus-sahn. Six months from now, you could be bumping yourself into a higher pay grade.