Your Horoscope For This Week — Apr 27 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Phew. Are you all right, stargazers? This month has been full of challenges, from the eclipses to the Grand Cardinal Cross, but things are officially looking up this week. Some of you will see major steps forward in your career and money sector, while others will finally bite the bullet and book that trip you've been planning for way too long. Love takes center stage for a number of signs this week, too, so gear up for a spring fling. Just be sure you're keeping things simple. Sit back, relax, and see what the stars have in store — this week, at least, they're definitely on your side.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
New week, new you! And, we mean it, Taurus, because this Monday, April 28, there is a solar eclipse in your sign. Solar eclipses come with new moons, bringing major momentum for the next six months of your life. No more sitting on the fence, pondering your passions. This eclipse is rocket fuel for your dreams, propelling you straight out of that rut. Incidentally, this is the final eclipse in a series that have been hitting Taurus since 2013. While you’ve likely been plugging away at your plans, now’s the time to make that very big leap. Carpe diem! One caveat: You may start this journey as a solo mission, so don’t freak out if other people don’t seem to get where you’re coming from. You may need to show instead of tell. Shift into productivity mode so you have something tangible to debut to the world.

On Friday, love planet Venus slips into your twelfth house of fantasy until the 28th, dropping a gauzy filter over your view of life. Romantically, the next few weeks could bring some highs and lows. That fairy-tale connection that sweeps you off your feet may come with a few red flags, too. Try to keep at least one sandal planted on terra firma. Run the requisite background checks before tweeting that you’ve met The One. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to talk boundaries. Showing that you care doesn’t mean making endless sacrifices. If you’re giving too much (or taking too much), even the flow so no one winds up resentful and drained.
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Just. Let. Go. Unlike a sockeye salmon, swimming upstream is not your lot in life. This Monday, a solar eclipse in your twelfth house of transitions helps you bring an outmoded chapter of your life to a graceful resolution. Solar eclipses come with new moons, so you have six months (until the corresponding full moon on November 6) to devise your exit strategy. You don’t have to slam the door and leave in a huff — just begin looking for a gentle passage into your next upgrade. A mentor figure could appear out of the blue during this solar eclipse, ready to support you in making these necessary changes. Pay attention to your dreams early this week, too. The very message you need could come to you while you sleep.

On Friday, love planet Venus moves into Aries and your house of social networking. If dot-com dating is your thing, your, uh, click-through rate increases like mad between now and May 28. Rather make a real-time connection? Join groups (sports leagues or intellectual gatherings especially) where you can mingle with people who share your interests. You could even meet a good match through mutual friends. Coupled Geminis, give your Netflix queue a rest, and get out and socialize more as a pair. It takes a village to keep your love alive.
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Word of the week: life-hacking. How can you take shortcuts without cutting corners, Cancer? On Monday, a solar eclipse in your eleventh house of technology and innovation brings a flood of new ideas. There’s an app for pretty much everything now, so let your smartphone do the thinking for you. But, artificial intelligence alone won’t help you win at life. This eclipse sounds the call for communing. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, those long-awaited kindred spirits could appear. Get out and explore some new groups even if you feel shy or awkward at first. Maybe you’ve been lingering on the fringe of an interesting crowd without diving all the way in. Become an official member — at least for the next six months — and let the collabs speed your meteoric rise to fame.

On Friday, charming Venus heads into your house of prestige until May 28. Someone with serious industry cred could notice you, for business or for pleasure. (A-list arm-candy, perhaps?) This Venus phase brings a wave of creativity for your career. Coupled Cancers could combine TLC with an LLC, starting a business with the person who shares your bed. Just make sure each of you has a clearly delineated set of duties to avoid stepping on toes.
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Make it rain, Leo! Monday’s solar eclipse in Taurus and your tenth house of success could bring a boon for your career. Up the ladder you shall go — a process that will evolve between now and the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 6. If you find yourself exalted into an executive position, we wouldn’t be surprised. Don’t freak out if you feel like you’re in over your head at first. Remember: Leaders lead; they don’t stress out doing it all alone. Since this eclipse hits your house of fellas, an important man could appear in your life on Monday, too. Pay attention to the guys who gravitate into your orbit.

On Friday, love planet Venus grooves into Aries and your jet-setting ninth house until May 28. Keep your ears perked for sexy accents and open your mind to people who fall outside your usual type. If you’re traveling this month, you might even extend your stay by a night to have a Before Sunrise experience. (Netflix this heady love story with a retro Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy if you need some inspiration for talking to strangers.) Coupled Leos, Venus wants you to venture out together and explore the world. Slip away for a weekend of glamping or exploring a cool, new city. This getaway a deux could kick your love jones back into high gear.
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Hello, wanderlust. This Monday, April 28, a solar eclipse in Taurus and your ninth house of travel reminds you that there is a wide world out there. Expand your search radius, whether you’re looking for true love, a job, or just a new experience. What you crave is further from your front door than you might expect.

This eclipse will make you quite enterprising, too. If you’ve dreamed up being a start-up gazillionaire, begin working on your business plan. By the corresponding full moon on November 6, you could be a whole lot closer to hitting that big payday. Speaking of the travel bug? Someone from a background different than your own may play a key role in development.

On Friday, cue the sultry music. Love planet Venus slides into Aries and your eighth house of eroticism until May 28. Forget those rumors about Virgos being as pure as the driven snow. The naughty side of you is ready to play. And, like sign-mate Beyoncé, you can ditch the "America’s sweetheart" schtick and get drunk in love this month. Choose your playmates carefully because there’s a higher chance of jealousy and obsessing while Venus tours your eighth house. With someone who respects your limits, this exploratory phase could bring you to new heights. Just please get a room.
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Sexy is back in a major way this week, Libra. On Monday, a solar eclipse in Taurus supercharges your seductive eighth house, stirring up a rare and intense attraction. But, this is no lighthearted spring fling. You’re no longer cool with keeping things casual — and that goes for romance and finance. A promising business partnership could be afoot, but you’ll want an attorney to draft a formal agreement to make sure everything’s spelled out on the front end. Coupled Libras are ready to kick your relationship up a notch. You could be co-signing a lease, opening a shared checking account, or, if you’re newly dating, playing a round of Meet The Parents. Remember that solar eclipses come with new moons. There’s no need to rush; you have until the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 6 to formalize these dynamic duos.

And, if Monday’s eclipse doesn’t get you in the mood to partner up, Venus will. From Friday until May 28, the planet of amour will tour your seventh house of relationships. Although you can be indecisive when it comes to settling down, you’re not altogether opposed to it. Before May ends, you could meet someone who truly complements you. Don’t let a good one slip away by keeping ‘em on the fence. In a relationship? Make your honey a priority now. You might even join forces on a project or party plan.
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Cupid’s quiver is earmarked for Scorpios this week. On Monday, the solar eclipse in Taurus electrifies your seventh house of relationships, making you the Zodiac’s Most Wanted. Eclipses reveal what’s hidden in the shadows, and this one could illuminate a qualified candidate for the role of your other half. This person could even be someone hovering in the friend zone. If you’ve sworn off dating, change your tune. Repost that online profile, or ask friends to fix you up. The seeds you plant this week are extra potent and could bring a bountiful harvest by the corresponding full moon on November 6. (Do we hear bells?) Partnerships of all varieties get a boost from the eclipse. Don’t let your fear of being vulnerable prevent you from opening your heart.

On Friday, amorous Venus heads into your wellness zone, lighting the way to healthier relationships. Whether you’re starting fresh with a new crop (buh-bye, 3 a.m. sexters and anyone with wandering eyes) or turning over a new leaf yourself, follow the rule of KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Love doesn’t have to be complicated, so don’t make it that way. Coupled? Join forces on a health kick and you’ll soon be strutting around as the hottest pair in town. Pro tip: Those endorphins can heat things up behind closed doors, too.
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Raise your glass, Sagittarius — of cold-pressed green juice. This Monday, a solar eclipse in Taurus and your sixth house of healthy living brings a wake-up call to get back in shape. With your gazillion interests and projects, working out may have slipped to the bottom of your priority list. Grab your Pilates pass or lace up your cross-trainers. You might even be inspired to do a cleanse. If so, opt for a food-based one. Your sign is ruled by Jupiter, god of the feast, and a Sag cannot subsist on juice alone — although a glass a day may keep the doctor away. Speaking of which, get those routine checkups scheduled. Preventative medicine is the best kind for keeping your immune system strong like a bull.

This eclipse could also bring developments at work. A new opportunity could land in your lap, one that solidifies your standing with a company or client over the coming six months. On Friday, ardent Venus pumps up the passion factor when she zips into Aries and your fifth house of love until May 28. Your romantic life will be anything but boring for the next four weeks; in fact, it could get a little dramatic if you aren’t careful. Show some enthusiasm, but be careful not to come on too strong. Or, better yet, leave the brooding bad boys alone and find someone who shares your live-out-loud fearlessness. (Bear hugs, anyone?) If you’re in a relationship, dress up and hit the scene. Partying as a pair — and turning heads in the process — brings a renewed rush of attraction.
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Modesty is totally overrated, Capricorn. Stop waving off your amazing accomplishments as if they were nothing, and own your awesomeness. With Monday’s solar eclipse charging up your fifth house of fame, you’ve earned your bragging rights. And, if you don’t feel comfortable plugging yourself, have your friends give shout-outs to help create a buzz. This eclipse could bring some surprising energy to your love life, too. Someone totally off your radar could step forward and take you by surprise. Playing the pursuer is easy for your career, but in love? Not so much. Near Monday, you could shock yourself by being completely forthright about your attraction to a certain someone. Remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

On Friday, the decor bug bites when vain little Venus cruises into your domestic fourth house until May 28. Primping your living quarters could become an outright obsession. Study the rules of color therapy. Hues affect your mood; a cool gray coat of paint in your bedroom can help you sleep like Prince George, while a sunny yellow accent wall will make you happier than Pharrell. In love, this Venus phase calls for nesting. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign, and kick back with your main squeeze. Single? The hottie next door (who you were bored by last week) could be just your speed this time around.
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People are your passion, Aquarius. At times, however, you prefer conversations with passing strangers to more intimate dialogues with those who know you well. Monday’s eclipse in your sensitive fourth house reminds you that there’s no place like home — and that includes the company of the people who truly have your back. Reshuffle your priorities, and give your inner circle top billing. Although familiarity can breed contempt, it doesn’t have to. Stop trying to change people and just accept their quirks. It will be a lot easier to be around them that way.

This eclipse could prompt a move for some Water Bearers or a new roommate or a household reconfiguration. Are you ready for new digs? Surf those real-estate listings. Since solar eclipses come with new moons, you don’t have to rush to pack up the U-Haul. You have six months to find your dream home or redecorate your current pad to suit your evolving needs. On Friday, the planets sound a major flirt alert. Romantic Venus swoops into Aries until May 28, making you downright shameless. Is that you sending drinks down the bar? Probably, and you’ll make no apologies. But, don’t underestimate the power of your charms. What’s just fun and games to you could be more serious to a sensitive soul. Be careful not to lead anyone on. If you’re in a relationship, this Venus phase helps improve communication. There are ways to ask for what you need without starting a fight. Rule number one: Be direct, and don’t wait until you’re seething to make your ask.
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Your social-butterfly tendencies reach monarch status this week. With Monday’s social eclipse in your third house of communication and kindred spirits, people will be your passion. You could finally find a scene that totally clicks with your personality. Best of all, you might even find it nearby. Keep your antennas up when wandering through your ‘hood. You could come across a tacked-up flyer that alerts you to a can’t-miss event.

The DIY bug could bite now, too, and something you make by hand could bring a fresh wave of income over the coming six months. And, the eclipse could illuminate a like-minded soul, the perfect partner for a joint venture, creative collaboration, or your go-to companion for summer festival journeys. On Friday, love planet Venus decamps to Aries and your slow-and-steady second house. Although you may be fired up about a certain someone, it’s best to pace yourself. Take it easy, and enjoy the courtship rituals. People tend to appreciate the things they have to work for, and that includes relationships. If your significant other has been taking you for granted, draw back a bit and make ‘em work a little harder for your sweet, sweet love.
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#ShowMeTheMoney. This Monday, the Taurus solar eclipse electrifies your second house of work and finances, galvanizing a six-month phase of prosperity. Eclipses bring sudden, out-of-the-blue opportunities, so don’t be surprised if someone taps you for an exciting new work offer — one that could find you quickly packing your desk plants and exiting stage left immediately. Maybe you’ll finally have that lightbulb realization of what you want to be “when you grow up.” If so, it could take between now and the corresponding full moon on November 6 to train for this path. Be patient with the process, Aries, but take the first brave steps this week.

On Friday, It status is yours for the taking. Love planet Venus makes her annual stopover to Aries from May 2 to 28, blessing you with a lit-from-within glow and irresistible mojo. Your spring awakening is well underway, and, while there will be no shortage of admirers, you may prefer to stay single and enjoy your independence for much of this time. No need to rush with handing out that final rose, Ram. If you’re in a relationship, your pleasure quota is directly proportional to how invested you are in your own independent hobbies and pursuits. Autonomy (just enough of it) is the magic elixir for Aries to keep your love life in balance.