These Beauty DIYs Will RULE Summer

As much as we love indulging in luxe at-home beauty treatments, forking over a sizable chunk of dough for them isn't usually in the cards. But scoring a fancy hair, face, or body mask doesn't always need to come with a hefty price tag. San Francisco skin expert Sherri Ziesche of Ziesche, a locally based brand that specializes in small-batch, vegan apothecary goods, gave us the lowdown on how we can create three all-natural, spa-worthy treatments at home — and for cheap!

Using simple ingredients you can find in your local grocery store, Ziesche concocted a face, hair, and body mask that your summer beauty routine has been begging for. Coconut-and-banana hair mask, anyone?

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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Coconut, Agave, & Banana Hair Mask
Makes 1 cup, equivalent to one application

"This mask is so good, you'll want to eat it," says Ziesche. "The combination of bananas, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, helps soothe your scalp, along with coconut oil to hydrate and repair dry hair."

1/4 cup pulp from coconut
1 tbsp agave

1 whole banana, browning/ripened
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp coconut water

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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Step 1: Mix the banana and coconut pulp in a food processor.

Step 2: Add in the agave, coconut oil, and coconut water to loosen the mixture

Step 3: Apply to your clean, washed hair and keep in for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Mineral Body Polish
Makes 10 applications

"When you smell this scrub, you'll want to head straight to the beach," says Ziesche. "The living minerals help with circulation and PH balance of your skin — combined with the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil."

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup sea salt

1/4 cup Epsom salt

2 tsp trace minerals

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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Step 1: Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2: Apply the mixture from your shoulders to your toes, massaging as you go.

Step 3: Wait one to three minutes, then rinse the scrub from your body.
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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Agave & Coconut Face Scrub
Makes four applications

"I love this mask because of the lauric acid in it, which can help kill bacteria," says Ziesche. "Also, it has high lipid content to improve hydration in the skin. It's a winner for all skin types."


1/4 cup of pulverized oats

2 tsp agave

1 tbsp of ground walnuts

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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Step 1: Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl or food processor.

Step 2: Apply to your clean skin and scrub all over your face in a circular motion for 60 seconds

Step 3: Rinse completely.