5 Smart & Easy Ways To Live With Your Home Tech

Photo: Courtesy Dabito.
It's no wonder the phrase "media center" strikes fear into the hearts of design lovers. For centuries (okay, just the past few decades), massive chunks of tech — speakers the size of side tables, multi-piece stereo sets — have been the bane of a stylish living room's existence. But, surprise: As our tech gets smaller and more seamlessly designed, our apartments are getting progressively more chic.

Wondering how to keep your must-have gadgets from sticking out like sore thumbs? Check out five rooms that give new media new meaning.
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Photo: Courtesy @maragreenwald.
Incorporating your TV into a gallery wall — by either mounting it among your artwork or placing it in a multi-layered setup — is essentially a JV trick at this point. But incorporating all of its accoutrements into a chic console (like @maragreenwald’s) that doesn’t immediately read "media unit" is even better. Consider using a vintage buffet table or a pair of floating shelves.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
This classic Ikea shape is versatile and compact.
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Opt for technology that will blend into your space, not clutter your thoughtfully curated surfaces. This SoundTouch® system from Bose streamlines the music experience — both with its clean design and its app, which allows you to use your cell as a remote.
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Photo: Courtesy of Degree.
Nothing complements a tech setup better than a graphic rendering of nature.
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Photo: Courtesy @witanddelight_.
If you don’t have a separate home office, it can be tricky to place your desk — and all of its accompanying tech — in an area that’s convenient but doesn’t detract from the flow of your space. Try channeling L.A.’s Ace Hotel, as snapped by @witanddelight_, and move your bed into the center of the room — sliding your desk up behind the headboard. The result is a little, floating pod of both rest and productivity that feels totally intentional.
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Photo: Courtesy of Room & Board.
A streamlined desk melds form and function.
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Photo: Courtesy Leibal.
This tiny room humidifier needs only a USB for power.
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Photo: Courtesy of Snowe Home.
Keep it simple with high-quality white sheets.
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Photo: Courtesy @Homepolish.
A rich charcoal-gray wall color helps integrate a sizeable flat screen, without actually hiding it away. When the TV's not on, your books and artful accessories steal the spotlight — but the screen is still ideally located for when the living room needs to transform into the viewing lounge. Mounting sconces on either side of the entertainment nook, as seen in this @Homepolish-designed spot, balances the high-tech vibe with a little old-school warmth.
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Photo: Courtesy of Wayfair.
If you can't afford built-ins, a wire-hiding media cabinet with doors should do the trick.
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Photo: Courtesy of Home Depot.
The lushest charcoal gray is the perfect TV camouflage.
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Photo: Courtesy of Apple.
The future is now — and your binge-watching will be all the better for it.
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Photo: Courtesy @Dabito.
Mastering the shelfie can also help you seamlessly incorporate media into your design aesthetic — even if, like @Dabito, your style swings more toward quirky-midcentury than ultramodern. This modular system is especially great for creating levels of intrigue. (Having an artsy screen saver doesn’t hurt, either.)
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Photo: Courtesy of BluDot.
A desk that doubles as a bookcase provides ample storage — and can make the most of an awkward corner.
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Photo: Courtesy of Circa Lighting.
Go for a lamp with midcentury leanings.
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Photo: Courtesy of Botanique Boutique.
A hydroponic planter is a fun way to put a futuristic spin on collecting succulents.
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Photo: Courtesy @moeblake.
Embracing an eclectic style is helpful when you're figuring out how to incorporate your must-have media into your home. Mixing old and new pieces — like @moeblake's painted-rattan console, vintage portrait, and lucite armchair — creates an offhanded cool.
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Photo: Courtesy of Design Within Reach.
A cheeky take on a classic shape.
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Photo: Courtesy Ikea.
Keep your tech nook cozy with a little faux fur.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Left natural or painted black, this brings plenty of throwback vibes.