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At-Home Hair Color: How To Think Out Of The Box

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    Even with all the advances in at-home hair color, not many of us are willing to, well, step out of the box and explore our options. Seems simple enough to block out some time, secure the area, and apply as instructed. But, what if you could get creative and get more out of your at-home hair color? Something like Salon Quality Advanced Hair Color: The Home Game.

    We turned to three of the top colorists in their field — James Corbett, color director for Clairol and owner of the James Corbett Studio; Rachel Bodt, colorist for Cutler/Redken Salons; and Justin Jensen, colorist for Sally Hershberger Downtown — on how to get some interesting results using hair color you can buy at the drugstore. They, in turn, delivered some fun tips on how to get some pretty rad results from these boxed products.

    Whether you're just trying to cover your grays, amp your natural color or you need a serious change, here are expert tips straight from the stylist's chair on how not to get boxed in.

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