How To Get The Home Look You've Always Wanted

Photo: Via @onekingslane.
Even if you adore coming home every night, maybe there's something in your space that's just a little off. Maybe you wish it were a little cuter. Or crazier. Or more minimalist. Perhaps it needs a few elements to help it transform from a one-bedroom filled with college furniture to a grown-up, cohesive apartment that has your personality written all over it.

Ahead, we chose three styles (not that there aren't a million others) — bohemian, minimal, and classical — to help you narrow down your aesthetic and get started buying the right pieces for the right rooms. Choose some, get them all, or mix and match between styles; it's up to you. There's no law that says a Moroccan pouf can't be friends with French ticking, after all.
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Photo: Via @onekingslane.
Relaxed, yet still put-together, a free-spirited space needs texture, patterns, and muted colors. Keep art on the ground and don't be afraid of white space on the walls.
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The Moroccan Side Table
Why have just four corners to your table when you can have six? This clean-lined accent piece avoids being boring via subtle scalloping.
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Wall Hangings
What once was thought to be hippy-dippy is now the hottest piece of artwork out there. Look to Etsy for affordable options.
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Sante Fe Pillows
Get some Southwestern texture in with these graphic cushions.
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Layered Kilims
You don't have to commit to one rug. Mix them together on top of each other for serious pattern play.
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Plants, Plants, Plants
There's no such thing as too many hanging plants when you're bringing life into a chill space.
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Tons Of Throws
Cozy blankets thrown over beds and sofas add to that layered look.
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Indoor Lanterns
Bring the outside in with spheres that will draw the eye upward.
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Tassels On Everything
Even in the same color, tassels add subtle depth and richness to any fabric.
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Incense Holder
Incense is back — in a big way. Add a sense of earthiness with this hand-painted hut.
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Beaded Accessories
Add a friendly animal to your bookcase for texture.
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Zany Pouf
It can serve as an impromptu side table and seating, and it will be the instant centerpiece of any room.
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Photo: Via @frenchbydesign.
You want to escape the chaos of the day and come home to an almost-blank canvas that's sleek, but still comfortable. Focus on furniture with clean lines and sharp edges. Avoid bright color and busy patterns and bring in warmth with luxe, dark hues like the accent wall here.
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Black Or White Frames
Serenity lies in unity. Keep all your art framed in the same classic shade.
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One Very Special Mug
Unless you're an Airbnb host, consider streamlining your cup collection into a few remarkable ones.
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All-White Linens
From the bed to the kitchen, avoid prints like the plague.
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Marble Accents
Add a quiet pattern with speckled swirls.
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Soft Gray Paint
This shade from Farrow & Ball is the ideal backdrop for all the modern angles and shapes in a minimalist room.
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Statement Paperweight
Keep things off your desk — except for this tiny, tipsy friend.
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Wood Surfaces
Raw or finished wood brings the easy-going, natural vibe indoors.
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A Single Centerpiece
Keep a wire basket as the whole item on your kitchen table.
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White & Black Candles
A whole row of these across a mantel can make more of a statement than any art on the wall.
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Bud Vases
Avoid big flower arrangements and opt for a single bud in a streamlined vase.
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For anyone who wants a home that feels, well, homey, take a cue from this preppy aesthetic. Focus on graphic patterns like stripes and chevrons, with a touch of sweet florals here and there. Vintage is your best friend when it comes to creating the vibe.
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Gold Finishing
This side table says, "I'm put-together."
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Modern Toile
We know. We can't get enough of this Brooklyn print from Flavor Paper, either. It's ideal for that awkward nook or small accent wall.
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Louis XVI Chairs
The carved details in this romantic seat may mean you'll never look at an Eames again.
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Mixed Blue Dishware
Having a variety of patterns keeps things un-stuffy.
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Monogrammed Linens
Etsy is chock-full of artists who will monogram your duvets and tea towels. We were inspired by this home tour.
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Melamine Flower Plate
Put this on the coffee table, in the entryway, or in the actual kitchen for just a slight touch of sweetness.
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French Ticking
Whether on the table or your bed, it's the essential relaxed spring-and-summer print.
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Chinoiserie Ceramics
The classic design adds a calming sensibility and sweetness to any space.
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Jacquard Print
With this type of pattern, the design is woven in instead of printed or dyed.
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Scour flea markets, eBay, or Etsy for vintage luggage you can stack to create a side table.