20 Bright Home Buys — For ANY Budget

In the sticky middle of summer, we aren't much interested in home DIY. There are far more important things to do, like get our sunshine on. That said, we still want to come back from a day by the sea to an apartment with a fresh, playful vibe.
The secret is a no-fuss accessory that will catch the eye, lift the spirit, and brighten a space in one fell swoop. A colorful bauble, if you will. We found 20 happy-inducing buys, no matter if you have $10, $25, $50, $75, or $100 to spend. From a quirky, golden fish vase to a hot-pink, gem-shaped speaker, we guarantee these picks will make you smile every time you come home from the beach.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
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Imagine all your cocktails with deep-sea ice cubes.
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Getting dressed in the morning will be serene once you catch a whiff of lavender.
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Funky coffee mug = Sunday morning requirement.
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Almost zero-maintenance, air plants will bring life into your space for only 650 pennies.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
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Keep this mint soap at your kitchen sink for an instant refresh.
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Musical trivet magic.
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These will keep you company while you eat your scrambled eggs.
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This toile bedspread will bring sweet, pastoral dreams.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
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Burgers + these trays = barbecue win.
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Take this diamond-in-the-rough speaker everywhere.
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Yes, this stool is made of cardboard and yes, it can hold up to 1,000 pounds.
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Bring the ocean indoors with this planter.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
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If you buy one new pillow, make it this one.
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You might be thinking: $75 for a kite? Well, this flying contraption can double as wall art and a good day in the park.
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A sweet watercolor print ideal for an entryway.
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Apples and oranges will adore this woven beauty.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
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Curate all your tchotchkes on a gleaming tray.
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When in doubt, a punch of orange always delivers personality.
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A sculpture doesn't need to be colorful to stand out on a mantle.
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This easy-to-clean, polypropylene rug should go in high-traffic areas.