Ditch The Coffee House Drip & Brew At Home With These Java Musts

Coffee has the uncanny ability to reinvent itself every decade, almost more frequently (and some might say even more seductively) than the Material Girl. When the '90s brought us Starbucks and Coffee Bean, the java-swilling masses thought they'd died and gone to heaven via ice blended Fraps. But these days, if you're a true connoisseur, the corner Starbucks looks about as good as Folgers instant coffee. And if you're like us, you're potentially less than thrilled about suffering through long lines and wait times for that perfect pull of espresso, or single cup drip at an artisan brew house.
Ready to take your perfect-cup compulsion to a slightly more comfy, but just as gourmet, level? Bring it home with these brewers, beans, and gadgets that make getting a delicious fix as close as your kitchen door. With so many great tools to pick from, the only thing you'll be stressing about is deciding will be which method to employ.
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The French press: A classic, simple way to make a quality cup (or cups) of joe. Since the coffee is immersed in the water that will ultimately become your drink (as opposed to water passing over the grounds, and then filtering), you'll get more flavor and more of the bean's essential oils, which can get lost in paper filters.

Bodum Eileen French Press Coffee Maker, $29.99, available at Amazon.
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Vacuum Brewer: Sure, this thing makes great coffee (water plus grounds, minus filter — equals delicious!) but let's be honest, we love it because it's beautiful.

Yama Vacuum Brewer, $95, available at Clive Coffee.
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The Chemex: We couldn't talk coffee without mentioning this guy. Disciples of the device will allude to the "blooming" method, where initial flavors are released from your grinds by adding a small amount of water to the grounds, and letting them sit for a minute before immersing — and that will ultimately become your cup.

Chemex Three Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker, $34.99, available at Chemex.
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The Twist: Home espresso can be tough — it's hard to match the power of those professional-grade machines that look as good, and cost as much, as a classic car! But, if you have to have your pull at home, we love this mini-device for its function and counter space-saving grace.

Mypressi Twist, $159, available at Intelligentsia Coffee.
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In A Bottle: If you're dying to get your caffeine fix at home, and don't trust your own two hands (even with high grade equipment), you can now get the New Orleans taste of chicory cold brew delivered to your front door.

Grady’s Cold Brew, $45, available at Grady's Cold Brew.
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The Perfect Local Roast: We're over the moon for Cafecito Organico's small-batch coffees that come all the way from places like Rwanda and Honduras, but are always roasted right here at home in L.A., then brought over to our local farmers' markets.

Cafecito Organico Coffee, $12-$13, available at Cafecito Organico.

Photographed by Elizabeth Parks Kibbey