Mad Props! 23 Gorg Decor Items To Match Every Style

You can devour decor blogs and glossies to your heart's content, but at the end of the day, your dwelling should be a true reflection of you. That's why we've pinned down five aesthetic identities — from the bold-and-the-beautiful buyer to the stark minimalist — to help set the stage for super-personal interior pride.
Whether you have a penchant for clean lines, wacky garnishings, or rustic accents, there's gear here for you. So, put your feet up and take a gander at our top decor picks. Then, get ready to rig your roost from the inside out!
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Between the farmers' markets, crazy-scenic hikes, and constant beach weather, it would silly for Angelenos to stay indoors all the damn time. But, on the rare occasion that one should be confined to four walls, why not invite Mother Nature over and indulge in her fine beauty? Splurge on a terrarium or snag a rustic vibe with a set of candlesticks that are cabin-ready — no flannel necessary in these parts!

From Left, Clockwise: Fort Makers Geometry Set Candlestick Holders, $100, available at Steven Alan; Tonic Home Hanging Rattan Chair, $499, available at Tonic Home; Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Incense, $12, available at Mohawk General Store; Score + Solder Quartz No.1 Terrarium, $320, available at Mohawk General Store; Lawson-Fenning Agate Bookends, $72, available at Lawson-Fenning.
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Were you the type that took one look at Alice's tea party in Wonderland, and thought: "Now there's a fete I wouldn't miss for the world"? Well, you're in luck — many designers are updating their status to surreal, and it shows in their latest offerings. Incorporating animals or unexpected accessories is an instant way to punch up or add panache to any room — and make guests feel like they've fallen down the rabbit hole.

From Left, Clockwise: Plantation Canard Tabletop Mirror, $125, available at Plantation; Lemidi Japon Monkeys Black And White Throw Pillow, $25.09, available at Etsy; Anthropologie One-Lump-Or-Two Base, $198, available at Anthropologie; Kelly Wearstler Saint's Hand, $225, available at Kelly Wearstler; The Land of Nod Owl In Flight Print, $19.95, available at The Land of Nod.
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Pulling off a sparse space is all about the right storage — stash knickknacks in subtle containers, and invest in furniture that doesn't demand immediate attention. Another tip: Sticking to black and white helps achieve the minimal aesthetic, but adding a touch of color lets your personality shine through.

From Left, Clockwise: H.D. Buttercup Kipling Glider, $995, available at H.D. Buttercup; Three Hands Chrome Spiral Vase, $25, available at Target; Kähler Cammeo Porcelain Storage Container, $50, available at A+R; Tonic Home Surf Black Marble Top Coffee Table, $2,350, available at Tonic Home.
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For every sick flea market find, there are dozens of cast-offs that didn't make the cut — a.k.a. junk! Don't let that deter you though, it takes a bit of patience to discover that dresser of your dreams. But, if you're strapped for time (or just lazy) hit up your local furniture shop and buy some brand-spankin'-new items that look like they've been around for ages. We won't tell!

From Left, Clockwise: CB2 Contact Stool, $129, available at CB2; Urban Home Antique Blue Jar With Lid, $34.99, available at Urban Home; ABC Home Vintage Grape Bin, $595, available at ABC Home; West Elm Antique Finish Iron Media Chest, $1,699, available at West Elm.
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This style isn't for the faint of heart — odd-ball shapes and electrifying hues will have your friends lifting their jaws off the floor in amazement. Tiny touches like decorative pillows and wall clocks get the job done, but why not go big and trade in that bland armchair for something awesome? You'll never yawn at your pad ever again!

From Left, Clockwise: Jeff Davis Record Star Clock, $40, available at Uncommon Goods; Maharam Design Studio Maharam DWR Pillow, $150, available at Design Within Reach; FX Balléry Les Perles Candlestick, $75, available at MoMA; Herman Miller Magis Chair 1, $950, available at Pure Design; Bungalow 5 Jacqui 3-Drawer Side, $910, available at Bungalow 5.