15 New Pieces For Instant Decor Cred

We've come across very few home decor pieces with the cred to make you look like an insider, and this scarcity has caused a sameness movement that has not only invaded our apartments but oversaturated our shelter magazines. It seems like all it takes to get featured on design blogs or certain Pinterest boards is to make sure your space boasts a few specific items. The recent "decorification" or our spaces has also given it a cookie-cutter feel.
Don't get us wrong — we're not saying we should throw our hands up and take to the online resale platforms, abandoning any and all trends. The reason for the overexposure is in part because certain items really are game-changing; they add an indescribable magic that most accessible-to-the-layman finds can't touch. But if you're tired of resorting to the same old tricks, we've got the upgrades that deliver that same zing, with an added element of surprise. So, let's shake ourselves of our interior cynicism and explore the new wave. There are updated design standouts ripe for the taking — if we can just admit that we still love this stuff. What will be the next see-through Starck chair? Take a seat, the answer's just ahead.
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The Tired Trend: Philippe Starck killed it when he designed this masterpiece. It's dramatic yet practically invisible.
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The Update: The profile, the wood grain, and the non-garish poppy colors make this Scandinavian-designed seat destined to be a future classic.
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The Update: Pendleton upholstery and walnut bentwood on a rocking chair has that luxe, salt-of-the-earth appeal. Everything you could possibly want in a rocker.
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The Update: The Acapulco chair is the design equivalent of a flowy top, flared jeans, and wedges. Let's thank the Gypset fashion moment for its resurgence.
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The Tired Trend: The Stag head started out as a trophy for hunters and then became a true sign of hipsters. Decorators still use it to up the edginess of a traditional place, but you should try these.
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The Update: Weaving is definitely happening right now. This is equal parts colorful, kooky, fuzzy, and amazing.
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The Update: Garden on the wall? Yes, do it. This accent brings your room to life, literally, in a freaky and semi-ridiculous way.
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The Update: This street-style version means you don't have to move on from the fauxidermy trend until you're good and ready to. Plus, it will look rad next to your skateboard.
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The Tired Trend: There was a time when coral was used to add natural appeal to every styled "moment," to give off that "I'm a collector" vibe.
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The Update: These are like the Rick Owens of objet and Rihanna's nails all in one. Put them in your bookcase for real punk appeal.
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The Update: So rough, yet so glam. Reminiscent of an earth science field trip. How could you not?
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The Update: I could spend hours making this articulating gorilla have a dance party. Not into that kinda thing? He'd be just as funny standing still on a shelf.
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The Tired Trend: Once we all learned that a sheepskin rug would make the most drab spaces look like heaven, we started draping them everywhere.
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The Update: So granny but way cooler. The open knit will add a light layer of texture.
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The Update: This graphic, heavy throw is interesting and wooly enough to double as a rug.
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The Update: Cheap enough to stockpile. Chic enough to put everywhere. Made from candy wrappers? Yep.
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The Tired Trend: The crystal chandelier was the ubiquitous touch of old-world sparkle over rugged dining tables everywhere. Let's move on.
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The Update: This futuristic orb would be killer in a dark kitchen.
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The Update: Retro in color but modern in form, this is definitely focal-point material.
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The Update: Yes, this is a lamp and we love it. It's just what happens when the brilliant Paola Navone partners with the approachable Crate and Barrel. I would buy it just for the red cord.
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The Tired Trend: The lone leopard-print pillow was used to add crazy pattern to all palettes. Try some updated wild styles instead.
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The Update: Try a couch experiment with this trippy, pretty, faded pattern.
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The Update: Is it ugly? Maybe. I can't decide, which usually means it's a must-buy.
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The Update: This cross stitch could have gone the Home Sweet Home route. We're glad it didn't. Thank you, Biggie, for your contribution to this pillow — and to music.