29 Signs It's The Holidays

Everyone has a moment that marks the beginning of the holiday season for them. Whether it's seeing that one movie on TV or getting that yearly call from that one great-aunt (you know, the one who you forget how you're related to her), the signs that 'tis the season are way more personal than just seeing a Christmas tree and menorah set erected in your apartment lobby. It's a mix of simple joys, annoyances, tastes, smells, sounds, and sights that make the holidays what they are. Ahead, we've listed the 29 that really do it for us. Did we miss any?
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Love Actually is playing every time you turn on the TV.

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No one will say anything if you wear a beanie indoors.

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You hope for this *NSYNC song to play over the intercom whenever you step into a department store.

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Crushed velvet is a staple.

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You know the day of the week by which Salvation Army bell ringer is in front of your office door.

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Hot toddies!

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When you're spending more nights at holiday parties than nights you're not.

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When your ex-boyfriends and ex-almost-boyfriends start calling "just to check in."

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Starbucks reveals its seasonal cups.

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It takes you an extra five minutes to leave any location (to put on your jacket, your mittens, your hat, your scarves, your…).

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There's a new plate of sugary, sparkly cookies each time you go into your office kitchen.

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Matching pajama sets.

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The city streets start smelling like a pine forest.

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Tissues out! This Coca-Cola ad makes a reappearance.

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Bands and musicians you forgot existed start putting out bizarre holiday singles and albums.

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You can also tell it’s that time again when your favorite hot bevs take on the flavors of the season. Starbucks® Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Caramel Brulée Latte, for instance, have popped up, reviving our love for all those traditional holiday treats — three great reasons to be jolly.

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Your bank account is looking pathetically thin, while your waistline seems to be continually expanding.

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That one weird guy in your office starts wearing a Santa hat every single day.

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When matching your red lipstick to your red dress becomes a weekly challenge.

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Elf Yourself.

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Your roommate makes her yearly attempt to light up the fireplace.

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You have to count the number of cousins you have again and figure out which of them you'll see this year, so you can make sure you're armed with gifts.

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You find yourself Googling the official dreidel rules.

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Scented candle overload.

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Candy canes and sufganiyot become their own food group.

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You start trading advice about the best black, opaque tights with random shoppers.

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Best Of and Year In Review lists start clogging your RSS.

Illustrated by Isabelle Rancier
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Ugly sweater parties.

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Everything you own somehow is covered in glitter.

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Novelty socks.

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