The (Recent) History Of The Man Bob

Karlie Kloss may have brought the bob back around in a big way, but before she made the cut, it was a popular style for lots of fashion-forward ladies. But what about their male counterparts? What of the Fabios of the world, looking for a trendy way to style their flowing locks? They, too, turned to the bob. And boy, did they look good.
Of course, long hair for men is as old as, well, mankind. Back in Ancient Greece, long hair was often considered a sign of strength — and as such, much early iconography of Greek gods features some lovely marble renditioning of longer styles. Cut ahead to the European courts in the 18th century, and elaborate wigs of varying preposterousness were popular for both men and women alike. Today, the tradition has all but died out — except for a few choice gentleman keepin' the love alive.
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Kurt Cobain
The flannel-clad father of grunge was a game-changer in more ways than one. His bleach-blond bob, along with the rarely-showered dark roots, was perhaps the most iconic aspect of his look.

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Rafael Nadal
Tennis pro and hunk extraordinaire, this certified Spanish babe made waves when he first hit the scene with his shoulder-grazing style. Come game time, he can often be found with a variety of creative headgear to keep it from getting in the way.

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Brad Pitt
No matter how many hairstyles he goes through, we'll always associate Brad's rebellious long hair with the post-Jennifer Aniston period. Often accompanied by an unruly beard, it cemented his place as a can't-miss on any red carpet.

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Johnny Depp
Nobody — nobody pulls off the man bob like Johnny Depp. This style works perfectly for Captain Jack Sparrow because it's always hanging in front of his face, thus reinforcing his image as a mumbling, but very mysterious badass.

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Jared Leto
This is one man who's tried it all, both in terms of career and hairstyles. How does he have such sleek strands? Does he get blowouts? Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

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Andre 3000
Though he only wore it for the "Hey Ya" video, Andre's impossibly smooth bob was a style we dug in a very major way. Plus, the green getup is killer.

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Olivier Theyskens
Undoubtedly one of the prettiest men on the fashion scene, the Theory designer was previously known for his extra-long, stick-straight hair. You better believe that his decision to go shorter was just as — if not more — exciting than Karlie's.

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Viggo Mortensen
We personally feel that no list is complete without Viggo. Ten cats who love hanging out with dogs? Add a picture of Viggo Mortensen at the end. The best new jewelry for spring? Throw a Viggo snapshot in there. And, when it comes to bobs, well, he's the obvious standout.

Photo: Maria Laura Antonelli/Rex/Rex USA