Hot Wheels: What Your Car Says About Your Style

What would James Bond be without a sporty two-seater that drives women crazy and dispatches enemies with concealed hellfire missiles? Just an overdressed guy on the bicycle, that's what. And what would Cher Horowitz be without her white Wrangler with a "monster sound system" and rearview mirror angled perfectly for lipstick touchups on the go? Like, the loser-iest girl in all of SoCal, right? Whether you're real or fictional, a car that speaks to your personality and style, extends your taste beyond the clothes on your back and makes you a style icon that can move a mile a minute. Of course, you have to choose carefully. Take a look our guide to what autos tell us about their drivers before you get behind the wheel.
The Land Rover Defender
You Are: The Rugged Traveller
You live in tough jeans and fine plaid, as tried and true as the beast you drive. Your wardrobe lives up to your wilderness lifestyle (ok, Fairfield County wilderness). In the cupholder you'll find a Vitamin Water, a Powerbar, and a map to the best ski spots north of Boston.
Image via Got Broken.
The Honda CR-Z
You Are:The Concrete Environmentalist.
Now that hybrids look presentable, you're down with saving the environment. Sleek and sporty, the CR-Z is goes well with a streamlined outfit and bottle of Kombucha.
Image via World.Honda.Com.
Vintage Mustang
You Are: Riff-Raff
Behind the wheel of a vintage Mustang, there usually sits a person with attitude. It takes a certain kind of swagger to carry this car off, or—we're assuming—a certain type of mid-life crisis. When you're tooling around in this, you're telling other cars to back off because you're wild, unpredictable, and all you need is your jeans, tee, and leather jacket. You eat Mini Coopers for breakfast.
Image via
The 1968 Jaguar E Type
You Are: The Double Agent
We can't hold it against anybody for wanting some escapism in life, and what better way to do it than to play secret agent once you're on the road? For those who can swallow the $100,000 price tag, we're sure they've got impeccably tailored suiting to match (appropriate for both the boardroom and dangling from wire cables).
Image via The Supercars.
The Nissan Cube Chrome
You Are: The Tasteless Hipster
The Cube might seem so ugly it's good, but trust us. It's just plain ugly. But if you're adamant on bucking the trend, there's plenty of storage space back there for your Brooklyn Flea finds and empty bottles of Colt 54. Don't worry, we won't tell anybody you've got Dave Matthews playing on the iPod ready-stereo.
Image via
The Mercedes-Benz Wagon
You Are: The Urban "Naturale"
The one behind the wheel of an old Mercedes wagon doesn't let the car define them. They're above material things like labels and daily showers. Don't believe us? Swing by Freeman's and see for yourself. Beware, the backseat of this car is pebbled with sunflower seed shells from his recent trip to Maine.
Image via Flickr.
The Neiman Marcus Cupcake Car
You Are: The Sweetie
It only goes 7mph, but with all the crowds that will flock to you, it wouldn't be safe any other way. Best of all, Santa drives one!
Image via Daylife.
The Hummer H2
You Are: A Douchebag.
When spiking your hair, just remember... we hate you twice as much as you love yourself. The douchebag behind the wheel is often spotted with unneccessarily tight t-shirts and a thermos full of Jaegerbombs. Note: In stretched form, the H2 will often carry girls with bridal sashes, tiaras, and tramp stamps.
Image via MSN.

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