5 Coffee Shops You Didn't Know Existed

Photo: Courtesy of Intelligentsia.
You may think you know all the cool spots in New York. But, there are still some gems in NYC that remain hidden — even from your eagle eye. Among them is a veritable treasure trove of coffee shops. Don't worry; we're not talking password-protected speakeasies here. These are simply the cafés the locals have kept secret — until now. Ahead, five places you'd never expect to find a coffee shop, and their real-life locations right here in the city.
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Photo: Courtesy of Saturday's Surf Shop.
In A Specialty Retail Shop
Surfbordt jokes aside, it's both weird and wonderful that you can find coffee at Saturday's Surf Shop in Soho. The retail store surfs up its very own house-made roasts. (That joke was okay.) Stop by and enjoy riding the caffeine wave.

Saturday's Surf Shop, 31 Crosby Street (at Broome Street); 212-966-7875.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Cobra Club.
In A Yoga Studio
Disclaimer: If you have trouble finding zen, then you probably shouldn't preface your practice with a boatload of caffeine. However, if that morning jolt will motivate you to get to class — or if you're just such an avid coffee-drinker that your friends call you "The Bean" — this may be a convenient option. The Cobra Club offers Counter Culture Coffee right inside its studio. Also, tell your friends to stop calling you "The Bean."

The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Avenue (at Jefferson Street); 917-719-1138.
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Photo: Courtesy of Intelligentsia.
In A Hotel Lobby
Though you'd undoubtedly find yourself here after the party, the hotel lobby may not be where you regularly check in for a cup of joe. But, that's exactly where you'll find this Intelligentsia outpost. The Chicago-based coffee company specializes in seasonal roasts and provides a welcome respite from those tourist throngs on the High Line.

Intelligentsia, 180 Tenth Avenue (between West 20th and West 21st streets); 212-933-9736.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sweetleaf.
In A Real Estate Firm
What do an eco-friendly coffee oasis and a broker's office have in common? They'll both give you heart palpitations! Just kidding — but, these two do share a space in Williamsburg. Having a coffee shop inside of a realtor's office just makes the whole NYC-apartment-hunting scene feel a little bit more civil.

Sweetleaf at Modern Spaces 135 Kent Avenue (at North 6th Street); 718-576-3229.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kaffee 1668.
In An Office
When you hear the words "office" and "coffee" in the same sentence, you shudder at the (complimentary!) motor-oil like substances you often get at a 9-5. Except, this office has Kaffe 1668, which is delicious. Also, there are sheep everywhere, which is either Scandinavian or cozy or both.

Kaffe 1668, 530 Fifth Avenue (between East 44th and East 45th streets); no phone.