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First Look: Peep The Most Ridiculous Collection Of Vintage Designer Scarves

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    There’s no telling what we’d we do if we inherited over 400 vintage designer scarves (oh, the possibilities!) — we get giddy just thinking about it. But for one Beverly Hills-based interior designer, stumbling upon massive amounts of neckwear by the likes of Balmain, Hermès, and YSL is a real-life sitch. Yup, Alysson La Fourcade is one lucky gal, to say the least. Her generous grandma bequeathed hundreds of rare wrappings for her to hang on to, and now she’s decided to share the wealth.

    She graciously gathered and framed the one-of-a-kind pieces for peeps to place in their homes.The stunning selection boasts decorative designs that are sure to make any fashion-enthusiast swoon (and did we mention they will make a cameo in the upcoming season of Mad Men?).

    Want in on some of the stylish-scarf action? Check them out at Habité on March 22 for your chance to own one (pricing ranges $1,500 to $7,000). But, before you head over, take a sneak peek at the elaborate exhibit — and take to the comments to wax poetic on the ones your lusting after.

    When: Thursday, March 22
    Where: Habité, 169 N La Brea Avenue, Unit B (at Beverly Boulevard); 323-692-0023.

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