Attitude Adjustment: 7 Women Challenging Wellness Norms

Health trends can be fickle: For every renewed SoulCycle membership, there’s a Shake Weight sitting unused in a closet. And, it doesn't help that it can be almost impossible to separate new trends from passings fads. But, there are always a few voices that can be trusted — the experts making a splash without leaning on gimmicks. It's those revolutionists that we're paying tribute to today in this latest installment of Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs.

We joined forces with the tastemakers over at Revlon to spotlight seven wellness experts whose advice is truer than that old “apple a day” adage could ever be. And, we're getting them to dish on everything from what it takes to run five marathons in five days to how you can better love yourself and your body (and we're not just talking figuratively, here). These women are nothing short of radical — and could reconstruct everything you think you know about health, sex, and beauty. Read on, and you might end up changing much more than just your workout routine.

Body Talk: Go Behind The Scenes At Beauty Nation

You may be familiar with Babeland's silver bullet (the mini-vibrator that could), the running mantra #sweatwithswagger, or the idea of having a doula in the delivery room. And, for all of that, you can thank the revolutionary women ahead. Yep, we're celebrating seven ladies pushing boundaries and striving to make your life — and the way you treat your body — better.
This year, we're all about spotlighting trailblazers in industries across the board (you've already met our style innovators and the rock stars who are changing the music industry), so it's only natural that we'd want to include the provocateurs who are reinvigorating the national discourse on sex, body image, and quality of life.
These game-changers are crazy-busy with projects like reimagining the health industry, running marathons, and testing sex toys, but they slowed down (just a tad) to wow our cameras for Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs. Hit play to find out what Revlon products were used to create their daring looks, and get the exclusive on their health secrets, confidence tricks, and big dreams for the future. How could you possibly resist, right?