1 Girl, 4 Looks: Haya Tetroashvili Masters The High-Low Mix

Haya Tetroashvili is the master of an enviable trifecta: that killer combination of beauty, style, and charisma that makes you not only admire her, but also makes you want to add her to your list of besties. The 29-year-old social-media consultant and blogger behind GoodGoodGorgeous has only been in D.C. for a little over a year, but she's already made a splash in the local style scene, dabbling in freelance writing, modeling, and e-commerce.
We spent a recent morning with this very busy bee, getting a crash course in Spanish fashion (Tetroashvili moved to D.C. from Barcelona for love — aww!) and her secret shopping troves. Click through to meet your newest potential BFF and steal a few sartorial tips along the way. Sharing is caring, right?
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You've lived all over the world — Israel, Antwerp, London, Barcelona, and now D.C. Has that experience changed your style?
"I think my style is definitely influenced by each city I’ve lived in — seeing cultures from an outsider's perspective always make you more aware of everything around you. You suddenly open your eyes to new designs, lifestyles, art, creative ways, and concepts of aesthetics, and without realizing it, you absorb it in and it becomes you and your style. So, I’ve definitely picked up bits and pieces from everywhere I’ve lived."

How do you think personal style differs in D.C. than in other cities?
"I think style [here] is unique because of the diversity of the city, which makes D.C. style very eclectic. I also think that in D.C., men really stand out with their style, whether they are wearing a suit or just casual streetwear."

Forever 21 jacket, Zara denim shirt and tuxedo pants, Stella McCartney booties.

Hair and makeup by Maïté Hostetter.
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What are your favorite current pieces in your closet?
"My new Stella McCartney platform boots, a see-through clutch by MNO.logie, my new leather jacket with spiked shoulder details, burgundy velvet leggings by LNA, new blue satin Vince trousers (I got them at TJMaxx at an unbelievable price), Chloe suede booties, a green dress from Sandro I have yet to wear, and all my red tops!"

If you had to describe a signature "Haya" look in a few words, what would you say?
"Casual glam. I love comfort above all, because when I feel at ease with my look, I feel sexy and glamorous. You will always find me in harem (yet feminine) trousers, high heels, a detailed top (with studs, or in a bright color), and a statement jacket and bag."

ASOS bracelets, BCBG Max Azria ring.
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Do you have a fashion philosophy?
"'Less is more' is definitely my style philosophy — you will never see me wearing too many accessories. My hair is always simply down, [and I wear] natural makeup...Oh, and high heels can always fix an outfit!"
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Who are some of your style role models?
"While growing up, Aaliyah was my first style icon, the one who introduced me to baggy, harem-style trousers, and sometimes I still look back at her style for inspiration — just as I look back at Jane Birkin’s style, or Brigitte Bardot. Right now, I would say Poppy Delevingne, Alessandra Codinha, Dree Hemingway, Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, and Kate Bosworth."

Maje coat, Twice as Warm beanie, Maison Fabre studded gloves, Prada bag, Uterque boots.
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What made you decide to start a blog?
"I first started a private fashion blog back in 2008, and only shared it with my circle of friends, but I didn’t have much time to invest in it due to work. When I moved to D.C. in September 2011, right after I got married, I couldn’t work until I got my green card, and I had a non-existent social life. I decided to start GoodGoodGorgeous as an outlet for my style and fashion love — it was a way for me to stay connected to fashion, learn about the new era of blogging, meet like-minded people, discover new designers and brands, and simply keep my brain active while creating something I was passionate about. People started asking me to post photos of myself and my style, so after much hesitation, I did. My blog really helped me through the process of moving to a new city and starting a new life!"

Silence & Noise dress.
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And what about the online retail section? What's your vision for it?
"It's a chance for my followers to shop my closet, as well as the pieces I find while traveling and bring back with me. My vision for it is to open a physical GoodGoodGorgeous store (not sure where I will be living yet!), but for now I'm just taking baby steps. I would love to keep bringing in international designers, as well as U.S. designers, and for it to be a destination to find and shop timeless pieces for your wardrobe."
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Are there any brands you're currently loving?
"The list is endless. I'm obsessed with London-based designer Isa Arfen...the German brand Closed, Jenni Kayne, By Zoe Paris, Aperlai Paris, Erdem, Stampd LA, LNA, Joseph, Sandro, Maje, Brian Lichtenberg, Nellie Partow..."

Where do you like to shop in D.C.? What about your favorite online sources?
"In D.C., Current Boutique, Redeem, Muleh, Scotch & Soda, Zara, and TJMaxx. Online, [I like] The Outnet, FarFetch, Feminine Rascal, Gold Philosophy, Net-A-Porter, and SSENSE."

Uterque jacket, Maje top and pants, Zara heels.
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Tell us what's missing in your current closet that would make it your "dream" wardrobe.
"I'm in love with the Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers, a red hooded cape (I haven’t found the right one), over-the-knee suede black boots, a Prada velvet clutch, and Jessica Alba’s Golden Globes Oscar de la Renta gown and necklace — those two would definitely complete my closet! The list can go on and on, but I have to say, I cannot complain about my wardrobe."

GoodGoodGorgeous bracelets.
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Where are your favorite places to shop when you travel?
"Whenever I go back to Barcelona, I love shopping at my favorite boutiques, like Santa Eulalia and Jofre, and stores like Uterque, TCN, Intimissimi, Zara (it’s cheaper and has collections you can’t find here), Sandro, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, and Topshop. I also love the little vintage stores in Barcelona owned mainly by Australians and Brits. When I go to new cities, I usually like going unprepared — I put on my comfy shoes to walk around all day and find hidden boutiques and stores. I love that feeling of discovery and being surprised — it just works perfectly when you have no expectations of any sort."

Zara necklace.
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How do you pack for a trip knowing that you might shop when you get to your destination?
"It depends on the weather, but when I know I'm shopping, I pack basic and necessary garments. Always a pair of black high heels; black trousers; a dress that can be worn for both daytime and evening; basic shirts and jeans; my white Converse sneakers; and a bag full of lingerie (because I'm very picky with my undies). I always wear the jewelry I'm going to use while traveling, so I'm prepared; a handbag to swap with the one I'm carrying; and a clutch for the evening. All my makeup, Kiehl’s overnight biological peel, Cle de Peau eye cream, and my killer zit gel always travels with me!"

Maje sweater and jacket, Levi's jeans, Aperlai Paris boots, necklace from Current Boutique.
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What current trend is your least favorite — or rather, what trend will you never be caught wearing?
"I'm not a big fan of peplum, and the fact that I see it everywhere makes me like it even less, so you will never see me wear it. The big-hair buns — I like the more natural [look], not the over-the-top ones. All sorts of YOLO merchandise, and spirit animal hoods."
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And finally, which current trends are your favorites?
"I'm loving that more menswear is available for us women — I can finally stop stealing my husband's clothes, though I love doing that. Everywhere I go now, I can find baggy, wide pants, which I love. Spikes and studs, baroque prints (like Stella McCartney’s fall collection), denim on denim, statement necklaces!"

Swarovski ring.