Harbinger Has Lasers!!!!! High-Tech Cutouts Make For Some Pretty, Sustainable Jewelry

At first glance, it seems that city zoning, public parking, and high-rises have little to do with jewelry, but art imitates life, and sometimes, like in Yvonne Hung's case, art imitates the day job. Urban planner by day and jewelry designer by night, Hung creates sustainable necklaces and earrings for her laser-cut line The Harbinger Co. that are made with cityscapes, urban spaces, and organic forms like honeycombs and ferns in mind. Made with precisely-cut bamboo, the jewelry's stacked squares and organic swirls wouldn't be out of place on a drafting table—seriously, those linked triangles could be the windows on the peak of the Chrysler building—but serve a prettier purpose adorning our necks and ears. And maxing out at $60, these pieces don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Pick up a piece for yourself here!

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