Why You Should Be Giving Your Vagina Extra Love This Valentine's Day

Illustrated by Cachetejack.
While Valentine's Day is typically centered around the concept of love between romantic partners (or friends or family), we'd be remiss to not use the holiday as an excuse to celebrate our love for ourselves, as well. And when it comes to loving ourselves, that means all of us — vaginas included. We should be giving our vaginas love and attention 365 days a year, but Valentine's Day provides a unique opportunity. When everyone else is breaking out the conversation hearts, take a second to have a conversation with yourself about how you can be giving your vagina some extra TLC.
This year, we're partnering with Vagisil to bring you six ways to improve the overall health and happiness of your vagina. Ahead, how to give your vagina the ultimate gift this holiday — flowers and teddy bears not included.