Your Hangover Face Is Officially High-Fashion

Whenever we wake up after tying one on the night before, we're not exactly gazing in the mirror while thinking we look amazing. Oh, no — it's typically the exact opposite. Makeup tutorials abound on how to deal with the sallow-skinned, puffy-eyed, all-parched-everything faces that haunt us during hangover hell. (Pro tip: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.)

But it seems like the fashion world has had a different opinion about our morning-after-boozing blues as of late. On the heels of Korea's "aegyo sal" undereye-bag trend (which is supposed to signal youth), makeup artists at New York Fashion Week have introduced high-fashion hangover makeup — undereye bags, sallow skin, post-drunk-crying-fit redness. And surprisingly, we actually kind of like it.

Click through to see the best instances of the trend, and what we're now aspiring to replicate on our post-boozing faces. Now the next time someone gives you the eyebrow-raised "Crazy night out?" question, you can just lie and say it's your trendy makeup look. Bottoms up, babes.
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Photo: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images.
At Narciso Rodriguez, Shiseido artistic director Dick Page used mauve-y pink and greenish-brown shadows, and applied them with a soft brush to mimic the natural shadows around the eyes. The result was what we actually look like when we "woke up like this." Sans the chiseled cheekbones and poreless skin, that is.
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Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images.
NARS' director of global artistry James Boehmer was inspired by the way your eyes look after a good cry at Suno. "They're a little glossy, your lashes are fuller, and it really makes the whites of your eyes pop," he says. "It's like the rainbow after the rainstorm." He used a lip gloss instead of shadow to make it look like the models had just rubbed their eyes.
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Photo: MCV.
Makeup artist Tom Pecheux created yellowish bags under the eyes. Instead of shadow, he used a yellow concealer to get the sallow-looking hue. Sleepy much?
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