35 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts On Etsy

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Unless you want to be that person who shows up to dinner with carnations and a heart-shaped box of chocolate, you need a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift to show your No. 1 you really care. (If you want your relationship to last through the night, that is). But, that doesn't mean grabbing your glue gun and a bag of sequins like you did when you were 7. All it takes is a quick browse through Etsy to find those special, handmade-feeling gifts. To make it even easier for you (we know, there's a lot of choices on there), we rounded up 35 of our favorite presents for you ahead. Click through to find the one your other half will love almost as much as they love you. Almost.

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This adorable mini-planter will add some springtime joy to your S.O.'s bike rides.
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This set is made for gifting: Not only do you get three adorable stud sets, but they come in a handy little box that requires no additional packaging.
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Nothing's quite as valuable as the gift of organization: This compact steel wallet keeps your credit cards, cash, and metro cards together, giving your loved one some peace of mind.
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You know what to do with these.
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For the Monica Geller in your life.
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A writer can never have too many notebooks, so add another precious journal to his or her collection.
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Cat-lovers have it best when it comes to gift-getting.
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The transformative effect of a graphic pillow on an otherwise drab living room cannot be understated: Liven up your S.O.'s space with this mixed-print cushion cover.
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This retro glassware set will please vintage- and typography-lovers alike.
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These delicate, gray-ish bangles can be mixed with silver or gold jewelry — or both.
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We all have a friend who's the perfect host or hostess. Give them even more incentive to get the whole gang together this Valentine's Day with geo-print serving plates.
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Mix things up this Valentine's day by gifting your love wooden jewelry, as opposed to the more traditional gems.
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A whimsical way to keep the literary in your life organized.
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A scarf is just as great of a gift for someone you don’t know that well (say, your regular Tinder hookup) as it is for your longtime love.
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Your loved one's jewelry deserves an equally precious display.
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Here's a gift both you and your eco-conscious S.O. will enjoy: a reusable grocery bag, but for the wine store.
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Men need pampering, too.
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This vegan-leather envelope doubles as a clutch and an iPad case.
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For the valentine who can't even keep a cactus alive.
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The gift that keeps on giving: Get the baker in your life these lovely baking dishes, and they’ll make you something delicious as a thank you.
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Limited desk space is not a problem: Add some life to your S.O.'s cubicle with a combined pencil holder/mini planter.
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Sweet dreams are made of this.
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This vintage kettle may have served its last pot of tea decades ago, but it makes for a lovely decorative piece.
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So, you just started to date this person — and, his or her apartment doesn't smell great. This mason jar candle is a simple, solid first Valentine's Day gift, and will only improve your quality of life moving forward.
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Who doesn’t love a gift they can use immediately? Your Valentine can take this velvet top-handle bag out on your date.
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This hanging planter gives your green-thumbed loved one a plant they can take care of in the (heated) comfort of your own home.
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In order to feel like a boss, your other half needs a boss work bag — and this leather briefcase is it.
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A set of two ceramic mini-planters: one for you, and one for your B.F.F.
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What's more grown-up than candlesticks?
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If your loved one is always on the go, they need a sturdy, durable bag to schlep across the globe. This handmade, heavyweight canvas backpack is made with the world traveler in mind.
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They'll never lose their phone again — at least not at home, anyway.
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For the animal-lover: a ceramic bird-feeder that'll keep your feathered friends singing.
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Partake in the ear-cuff trend — no piercing required.
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A fresh bouquet is beautiful, but will fade in a couple of days. A felt arrangement is just as sweet, and has a much longer shelf life.
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Nothing cures that wanderlust like a map of all the places you can visit on your home turf. Start planning those summer getaways ASAP.