5 Signs It's Time To Invest In A New Handbag

We're pretty much always on the lookout for our next favorite bag — although sometimes, we let fashion trump functionality in this pursuit. For sartorially-minded folk like us, there are seasons (and pre-seasons) to consider, trending colors and shapes, and so on. In turn, we don't always think about how it'll fit into our lifestyle — beyond the happy hours and brunches we envision ourselves toting it to.
Cut to Monday morning's commute: Our editor's zipper-less totes and stark-white satchels don't seem like such promising purchases for real life. We're not just here to commiserate, but also to provide a few take-charge solutions for finding new carryalls to invest in — that are actually worth it. Ahead, we have three handbag fixes for each staffer's gripe so that you, too can learn from past mistakes. Here's hoping, at least!