Halloween Costume Inspiration From L.A.’s Local Tastemakers

It’s getting down to the wire on ideas for Halloween costumes, so we asked a few local tastemakers right here from the Southland to dish on what they’ll be wearing this year, plus their fave costumes ever. Whether it’s Z. Berg’s take on a kidnapped heiress or Who What Wear founder Hillary Kerr’s childhood get-up, we hope you get a little dress-up inspiration from these SoCal Halloween heavy-hitters.
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Band Of Outsiders' Nicole Cari:
"Two Halloweens ago, Jacob (Cari's fiancé) and I were Max from Where The Wild Things Are. This year it's a toss-up between Winnie from The Wonder Years or Sloan From Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Cari.
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Jesse Kamm, designer:
Kamm has been everything from Princess Buttercup to David Bowie, but we love her take on the always-stylish Annie Hall. This year? She's going as Woody Allen!
Photo: Courtesy of Jesse Kamm.

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Hillary Kerr, Editorial director and founder, Who What Wear:
"Dorothy might have been the best Halloween costume I've ever had! My grandmother sewed all my costumes—including said Dorothy costume, which I wore in 5th grade—and my mom and I turned a pair of red flats into 'ruby slippers' with Elmer's Glue and red glitter. I was so obsessed with my outfit, it's not even funny! As for this year, I'm thinking one of two things: Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights (random, but I'm obsessed with the show) or maybe my favorite female heroine of all time: Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. But you never know, I just might end up as Dorothy again…"
Photo: Courtesy: Hillary Kerr.

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Z Berg, JJAMZ:
"I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Some of my best Halloween costumes include Leeloo from The Fifth Element, the childlike empress from The Neverending Story, Patti Hearst (pictured), Amelia Earheart, and Mia Wallace—post-O.D. with a syringe sticking straight out of my chest...I wore that one in high school."
Photo: Courtesy of Z. Berg.
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Jennifer Atkin, hairstylist at Andy LeCompte Salon:
"One of my favorite costumes was this Madonna costume from Human Nature. This year I'm going as Sade!"
Photo: Courtesy of Jen Atkin
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Amanda Thomas, LuvAJ jewelry designer:
"I spent my Halloween in chilly New York on a boat off the Hudson River, so my Katy Perry costume was something of a conversation-starter. The sparkly cupcakes I bought off eBay (that were velcro-ed to my chest) and my hot pink hot-pants were definitely not weather-appropriate, but it was right after her 'California Gurls' video had debuted, so it was seriously the hit of the party. Sadly, I lost both cupcakes by the end of the evening, and my wig flew off into the Hudson River, so my costume morphed into Roadkill Barbie, but it was pretty damn awesome for the majority of the evening.

This year my BFF and I are being Cher and Dionne from Clueless. I have a yellow plaid skirt, Calvin Klein Mary Janes, and a mini-backpack prepared, and I plan on saying 'As If!' as many times as possbile this weekend."
Photo: Courtesy of Amanda Thomas.