Who Had The Best Costume At Our Halloween Rager? You Decide

Man, as if this hurricane wasn't enough, our Halloween party down at the Wooley this last Saturday was so good, we're still a little loopy. Good thing we didn't wait 'til the 31st to throw it, right? Anyways, though there was dancing, tunes from DJ Vashtie, and big, tasty Stoli® Salted Karamel™ and Stoli® Chocolat Kokonut™, we spent much of our time over at the photo booth, taking in the amazing, sometimes ghastly outfits worn by our partygoers. Living love letters, Egyptian queens, and an Edwardian Scissorhands (get it?), the variety and quality was worthy of note — and an award!
Indeed, we're giving away $1,000 in cold, hard cash to the costumed cutie who collects the most likes from that most discerning group of judges: you, our fabulous audience. Click through our slideshow to choose the he or she that is most worthy and check out the costumes that had us screaming with delight.
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Crystal Moselle as a love letter.

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Gigi Guerra and Eddie Volchko dressed as Roy Lichtenstein characters.
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Sera Sloane Bishop and Phillip Angert as arcade claw machines.

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Bethany Brill and friend as harlequins.
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Sunny Shokrae dressed as a child from The Village of the Damned.
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Manjari Doxey as an alien and Sunny Shokrae as a child from The Village of the Damned.
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Pepin Gelardi as Edwardian Scissorhands and Piera Gelardi dressed as the lead singer of Marie and The Guillotines.
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Pepin Gelardi as Edwardian Scissorhands.

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Alison Kopler as Hurricane Sandy and Zac Wyatt as a weather reporter.
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Willow Lindley as Blue Ivy.

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Rebecca Fourteau as Little Red Riding Hood

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Randy Stulberg as Miss Piggy and Eben D'Amico as Kermit the Frog.
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Teresa Hermann as Baroque-n Record.

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Daniela Jacobs as a bird's nest.
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Yael Aflalo as a vulture.

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Friends Atossa M. and Gina S. as Cleopatra and her cat.

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Gunnar Larson and Sarah Larsson as a dead letter and a corpse bride.

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Elana Rosenblatt as S&M Mario.

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Lauren Blake as a rocker.
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Oscar Sanchez and Vashtie Kola as nerds.