What Stylists Use On Their 'Dos

Cher Horowitz once wisely said, "'Tis a far, far better thing, doing stuff for other people.” And, that adage holds true for many hairstylists, who sport wash-and-wear styles of a most ascetic aesthetic so as to put their full energy into their clients’ ‘dos. But, some stylists do make an effort for other people and themselves — from a hair perspective, anyway.
The stylists we're featuring ahead are turning their talents to their own tresses, creating stunning advertisements for their best work. Here, a roundup of fabulously coiffed gals (and one guy) in the hair biz and what they use on their own manes. Snag these pro tips, and use them to tame your own 'do.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sarajane Lynch.
The Stylist
Whittemore House Salon stylist Sarajane Lynch has “a lot of fine, straight (very soft) hair.” Currently, she keeps her blonde locks cropped short with longer bangs sweeping across her forehead. Her coiff challenges include a lack of volume and texture. “I don't really part my hair. I wear it all forward and move the fringe from side to side depending on how I feel that day,” says Lynch.

Her trick to amp up the volume? ”I usually bleach my hair to create more volume even if I'm wearing it dark: I’ll bleach it and dye it back brown. This process opens the cuticle of the hair and makes each strand thicker,” says Lynch. (Talk with your colorist before trying this tip out, though — depending on your hair’s texture and health, it may not be the best move for you.)

She’s also a wash-and-wear girl, “so it is all about the haircut for me — if you have a great cut you don't have to do much day to day. If I have a special event or night out with friends I will put a curling iron to it, just to create a bit of texture, nothing fancy — I don't like it looking too done.”
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The Products
Lynch’s go-tos include Rahua Finishing Treatment and Oribe Dry Texture Spray.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tippi Shorter.
The Stylist
Aveda global artistic director for textured hair Tippi Shorter has a “thick, coarse, bushy blend of curls and waves.” Her biggest problem? “Not having a consistent pattern of either curly or wavy. Also, frizz and expansion during the day are issues I contend with.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Aveda.
The Products
Shorter layers a cocktail of two to three products to keep her hair in check. “I can't live without Aveda Be Curly Style-Prep and Aveda Be Curly Curl Controller when my hair is curly and Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother and Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight when my hair is blown out.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Mara Roszak.
The Stylist
Mara Roszak, consulting celebrity hairstylist for L’Oréal Paris, says she has coarse, frizzy, thick hair, which she candidly admits she's not a fan of styling. “At the end of the day, the last thing I want to think about is styling my own hair. I brush out my hair while it's still wet, then towel-dry and add a serum, like L’Oréal Paris OleoTherapy Perfecting Oil Essence, onto the ends and work the excess through the rest of my hair,” notes Roszak.

“I quickly blowdry the front and sides of my hair, where it's the most unruly, then loosely braid the rest into a thick braid and allow it to dry most of the way. I then undo the braid while it’s damp and let my hair finish drying naturally to help the wave to relax and not be too crimped.”
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Photo: Courtesy of L'Oreal.
The Products
Roszak regularly uses masks on her hair, switching between L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm and L’Oréal Paris OleoTherapy Deep Recovery Mask. She alternates those with L’Oréal Paris EverCrème Cleansing Conditioner. “As an all-in-one, it’s a great moisturizing alternative to shampooing and conditioning and doesn’t strip the hair clean. I also always use oils and serums in my hair.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Dana Ionato.
The Stylist
Dana Ionato, a colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon Downtown, maintains that she has “frizzy, wavy, crazy hair,” but it always looks effortlessly chic when we see her. “I try to keep it cool and modern. Less is more. My hairstyle needs to reflect my personality,” says Ionato.

“I have lots of layers and beachy highlights, which gives me lots of options to style my hair each day. I try to work with the weather and the humidity to determine if I wear my hair wavy or straight. [If it's] more humid out, my hair works better with waves,” says Ionato. “I usually blow it out at the beginning of the week and let it do its thing as the week goes on. My hair is thick and wavy so I can wear it wavy or smooth it straight for a more sleek, chic look.”

Ionato’s biggest hair concern is preventing frizz and maintaining her look after frequent workouts. “I like to put my hair in a low ponytail instead of up high,” she says. “I twist it in the direction of my waves so when I take it down it won't have crimps in it. I use hair products the next few days after my blowout to seal my locks to protect from humidity.”
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Photo: Courtesy of HSN.
The Products
Ionato uses Sally Hershberger 24K, a paste with shimmer that helps maintain shine and gives “texture to my ends without making them greasy.” Ionato rubs the product into her hands before applying to ensure even distribution.

“Sometimes I mix in some Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Spray Serum for extra shine and mix it into the 24K in my hand. You don't want to oversaturate or you will have to wash your hair more often. Preserving the blowout is key.”
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Photo: courtesy of Jamie Cook.
The Stylist
Jamie Cook, a senior stylist at Blackstones Hairdressing Salon, has thick, coarse hair. “At times, unruly would be an understatement, partially due to my love affair with coloring it. My talented, gentle, and passionate colorist Carla Rombauer makes it a new beautiful pastel shade almost every other week!” Cook says.

“I have many pet names for my hair. My favorite is The Pony, because it is a high-maintenance creature. But, if you take good care of it, it can yield rewarding and beautiful results.”

Cook’s battle is keeping her hair moisturized and healthy, “despite everything I do to it. And, making it look effortless yet put-together at the same time.” To keep her hair in good shape, she gets a haircut every three to four months. “I take out weight in the right places so it styles easily and minimizes the puff factor. Less can be more, only styling a few key parts like bangs or hairline but letting the rest air-dry in some loose tendrils twisted away from my face with a salt spray,” she explains.

“Pay less attention to frizz; no one else is as critical of your hair as you are (except maybe your own mother). Also, if all else fails, never underestimate the power of a good braid on a bad hair day.”
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The Products
Cook likes Five Wits Shampoo and Conditioner Number 3, which she says smells great and moisturizes without weighing down the hair. “Sachajuan Ocean Mist [creates] ‘just came from the beach’ hair, [and the product] is light, wearable, and works on every hair type.”

She uses Satin Serum from Living Proof for the ends, which doesn’t contain silicone or oil. Cook avoids these ingredients, as they can cause her skin to break out. Says Cook, “The serum makes my hair soft and shiny while cutting down the drying time. Who wouldn't love to make their hair look beautiful in less time?”
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Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Francis
The Stylist
Celebrity stylist Marcus Francis boasts the best man mane since Uncle Jesse circa 1988. His hair is a hybrid of curly and wavy, and it’s thick and coarse.

“It seems that I have a revolving issue with my hair every six years, and now it seems to be managing my cowlicks. I never really had them before but as I'm getting older it seems that I've developed a few sporadically throughout my hair,” says Francis. Through years of practice, though, he has found the right tricks and products to manage his hair’s texture.

His best tip? “Freshly washed hair is great for getting the volume that I want, but as the hair gets dirty, the better the texture is. I also do my hair once right out of the shower and at night,” says Francis. “I put gel in wet hair, slick it back and diffuse it — when I wake up, it has the REAL bedhead look but looks intentional. I apply styling cream to break up the texture and add hairspray for good luck.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Walmart.
The Products
Francis’ go-to products include the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Strengthening Light Leave-In Cream with Awapuhi ginger, topped off with hairspray.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Potempa.
The Stylist
Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa’s texture is naturally straight and fine. But, she experienced a change in her hair after having her two kids. “I gained lots of new baby hairs around the hairline that have made it a challenge when it comes to coloring and styling. At first, I would have to use a pomade to lay them flat (because they look like little flyaways). When they grew out a little, we colored them bright blonde, and now they add a ton of volume to my hair when I blowdry with a styling product, like a mousse or leave-in conditioner.“

Potempa’s go-to style? An easy wave. “A good wave in the hair is the perfect foundation for every style — up or down. I invented the Beachwaver [a self-twirling curling iron] so that every girl could curl her own hair.

"To make the curls last, I always prep the hair with a heat-protectant spray and wait until the curls are completely cool before brushing or running my fingers through them. My favorite tip is spraying Aussie Sprunch Hairspray directly on a brush and brushing all the curls together to create waves.”

Braiding is another easy, quick ‘do. “My advice is to try, try, and try again — it's easier than you think. If French-braiding seems like you need three hands, then try the same technique but with only two strands — the two-strand braid is one of my favorites.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Walmart.
The Products
Potempa regularly sports Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Aussie Sprunch Mousse + Leave In Conditioner, and FatBoy pomade. As for stylers, she uses Sarah Potempa Beachwaver, Sarah Potempa WrapUp, and Darby clips.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Cho.
The Stylist
Celebrity stylist Jenny Cho can thank genetics for her thick, wavy locks, but it’s not all fun and games regarding texture. “I battle with frizz and defining waves,” she admits. But, she’s an air-drying wonder. “My hair looks best when I apply cream-based products and let it air-dry without using any tools or brushes.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
The Products
Cho starts out using the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner with macadamia oil. “On damp hair, I layer four to five pumps of the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion All Day Body Leave-In Foam with seaweed and three to four pumps of Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Strengthening Light Leave-In Cream with Awapuhi ginger.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Kattia Solano.
The Stylist
After giving birth to her baby, Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio salon, saw her once-wavy hair become dry and curly. “Because of this change,” Solano says, “I now have to change the types of products I am using with everything from shampoo and conditioner to styling products!”

Her biggest issue is time management. “Of course, I always want my hair to look its best and am constantly coming up with little tricks to save time (especially when I don’t have time to blowdry).” To combat frizz, Solano relies on a good shampoo and mask and then applies a leave-in conditioner.

Solano’s working-new-mom status means she rarely has time for a full blowout. “On days when I know I won’t have time to blowdry my hair, I wash my hair the night before, put leave-in conditioner and styling cream, and then towel-dry really well. I then blowdry my bangs to perfection but usually have no time to blowdry the rest,” says Solano. “After towel-drying, I twist my hair into a big bun and wear it in a top, low, or side knot and then take it down the next morning to reveal soft, pretty waves.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Oribe.
The Products
Solano is a fan of the Shu Uemura Camellia Oil line; she especially loves the Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil. She switches between Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream Light or Regular. “I also love Oribe’s new Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Transformative Masque, as they are super hydrating and light.”
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