Hair Stalking: Mega-Inspiring Styles From Real Girls

We spend hours, if not days, obsessing over our hair. How such strong attachments form to our follicles is a great mystery, but one we're totally giving in to. If you've ever felt that choosing a style, taking care of your tresses, and actually doing your 'do is basically a new form of cardio, we get you. All that effort can create exhaustion, or sometimes (gasp) indifference. You can't slack on hooking up your locks, you love 'em too much. Allow us to re-rev your engines with hot, easy-to-do hairstyles we spotted on the streets of Chicago. Click through to check out what real girls are sporting on local streets. They're totally willing to give you a lesson—Lord knows we picked up a few, too.
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Major volume and style made us notice this Chicago babe at a jam-packed street fair.
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We love a girl devoted to a high-maintenance cut. Could you handle this kind of upkeep?

Photo by Shani Silver.
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A perfectly placed bandana is equal parts form and function on a mega-hot summer day.
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We wanna hit the beach with these waves, don't you?
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This supershort style on Etsy vintage queen and stylist Samantha Sunderhuse is one of the coolest things we've seen all summer—literally. Love those specs!
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We are both obsessed and inspired by this bold move. It shows off her confidence and her gorgeous locks!
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We love how cool a simple, one-length 'do looks in summertime. Bonus points for a sweet necklace!
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If her super-thick braid doesn't inspire a grow-out, we don't know what will.

Photo by Shani Silver.
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Festival-ready crown braids are a summer favorite, and these are pulled off perfectly.
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Will you try it out this weekend? We will!