Local Faves At SXSW: Sister Act HAIM Pairs Girl-Power Pop With Nail Art

Why is HAIM our new favorite band, you ask? Well, for starters, the sister trio effortlessly switches from '80s-esque vocal harmony to the '90s girl rumbles of Liz Phair, and then bounces eras once again to the stream-of-consciousness lyricism of Tegan and Sara. We're not saying they are exactly like these other acts, though, because HAIM isn't quite like anyone else, to be honest. But the girl-power touches of each decade certainly prevail in their music.
Oh, and, another rad reason HAIM rules? When we met the girls, youngest sister and guitarist Alana Haim bounded up to us, flashed her nails and said that she had both tried (and loved) our Missoni and zipper nail DIYs. We swooned.
Outside of the Warby Parker Garden Party at the French Legation Museum in Austin, we caught up with the girls, getting the dish on their favorite places in L.A. and peeping their vintage belts and matching black boots. If they weren't our musical muses already (thanks to major jam "Better Off"), this interview would have totally won us ovee. The three talk in tandem, share a closet and — get this — used to played in a family band. Click through to check out their killer style, or get a close-up look the next time they're in town at their favorite venue, The Troubador.
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Wait, are you guys literally standing in age order?
Este (on left): "Yup, I'm the oldest."
Danielle: "I'm Danielle, in the middle."
Alana: "I'm the baby!"

How long have you guys been playing music?
Este: "We've been playing, the way we are now, almost four years. But before that, we had a band with our parents, for ten years. We would play street fairs and charity gigs. We played classic rock and Motown. It was really fun. I mean, it wasn't at the time, but now we look back at it fondly."

Photography by Isaac Pritzker
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What are some of your favorite ways to unwind in Los Angeles?
All: "Thrifting!"
Este: "Or hanging out at Danielle's house in Venice, and riding our mopeds."

You guys have mopeds?! Are they matching?
Este: "No, they are actually the Mexican flag."
Alana: "Actually, I think they are Italian flag. But don't tell our dad, because we haven't been wearing helmets."

Photography by Isaac Pritzker
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So, do you guys have some sort of psychic sister connection?
Danielle: "Oh yeah. With one look, we know what the others are thinking."
Este: "Or even before they know what they are doing, I can predict it. It's weird sister E.S.P."

What are some of your favorite places to play in L.A.?
All: "The Troubador!"
Danielle: "Satellite, and The Echo, too."

Photography by Isaac Pritzker
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Do you have any good luck charms?
Alana: I'm the most superstitious one! I bought these boots at this thrift store called American Way, and they were brand-new Calvin Klein Chelsea boots, and they are ripped on the back. And they are scuffed everywhere! But I can't let them go because I've worn them to every single HAIM show. They are really embarrassed."
Este: "No, I love it. I totally jocked Alana, but I bought the $500 pair."

Do you guys share clothes and stuff?

Este: Yeah! We say we have one closet. (Gesturing at her jacket) This is Danielle's. (Pointing to Alana's shorts) And that is Danielle's, too. Well, most of it is Danielle's."

Pretend I was from another planet. How would you describe your band.

Este: "Girls just wanna have fun!"

Photography by Isaac Pritzker