It's About Time For Gwen Stefani's Latest Collab

It's no secret that we're down with pretty much everything Gwen Stefani does. So, we're not surprised that the release of her Harajuku Lovers watch collaboration with Q&Q SmileSolar stopped us in our tracks.

Of course, in perfect Harajuku style, the eight timepieces in this exclusive collection feature playful prints and fun pops of color, reminiscent of the sporty bands you may have strapped on in the '90s. But, unlike the watches of our youth, these accessories are a bit more high-tech: They're equipped with solar technology— meaning they will work for over three months with only a single charge. Yes, you heard right: No battery required.

Click ahead to take a first peek at the eco-chic wares. And, while time is on your side, snag one from Nordstrom immediately. You don't need us to tell you these limited-edition watches won't be around forever.
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It's time for a little pixelation love.
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Dot and dash your way through the day.
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We could definitely get lost in this maze.
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This watch is for lovers only.
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We're down with a perfectly poppy pink.
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Polka dots and stripes is a pattern combo we can't refuse.
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Houndstooth never goes out of style.
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How adorable are those pink and yellow accents?
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It's time for you to get a new watch.

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