Inside R29: We Share Our Biggest Guilty Pleasures

Vices: We've all got 'em. Yes, even your trusty R29 editors, designers, and engineers have dirty little secrets. And now, we're peeling back the curtain and sharing our biggest guilty pleasures with you. Whether it's eating raw pizza dough or listening obsessively to one-hit-wonders, we're letting you in on all of our deep, dark indulgences. So, laugh with us, or laugh at us — just remember: You've got 'em too.
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"Hands down, catching up on the Boardwalk Empire series. That is...until Breaking Bad comes back on."

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"My guilty pleasure is massages. But, not your regular Swedish massage — I'm talking about deep tissue all the way. I get massages every two to three weeks to de-stress."

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"The movie Horrible Bosses. It's on practically every night, and every time I catch it I can't stop myself. It's bad. Charlie Day and the cocaine scene, Jason Bateman at odds with his Prius, Jason Sudeikis 'murdering some ass.' It reminds me of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor back in the day...just a lot less appropriate."

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"Dance Central on X-box Kinect. I'm not sure it's a guilty pleasure because I have no shame about it, but I probably should be embarrassed. One of my best friends and I drink cocktails and dance for hours (we've literally danced for six hours before), to the point that we're usually sore the next day."

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"Heinz Ketchup...but not just on fries. With potato chips. On every assortment of burrito. And, most favorably, in ramen while watching Mob Wives."

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"Revenge. No matter how bad the plot twists get, I can't stop watching. Let's just say I have a soft spot for Nolan Ross. And, a badass heroine who really can do EVERYTHING? What's not to love?"

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"Musical theatre: big, spectacular sets; beautiful ballads about things that could be spoken (but why would you); and high-energy 11 o'clock numbers that bring the house down. Actually, I really don't feel guilty about this pleasure, at all..."

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"Watching pirated episodes of Adventure Time. This is an incredible animated series, probably for children, but has a ton of black comedy and is just incredibly weird."

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"I can sit for hours on end watching the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I'm completely mesmerized by the over-the-top recipes and dishes (most of which I'm secretly dying to try!) and if the host, Guy Fieri, actually likes what he's tasting (sometimes I'm convinced he's faking it). It's so silly, but I loveeee it. Also, since this activity tends to make me incredibly hungry, I normally end up wandering into the kitchen to nibble on something—or to whip up a yummy late-night (and unnecessary) concoction."

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"If you ever walk into a supermarket and see some freak staring at a Nutella jar longingly, chances are you're probably witnessing my lingering relationship with the hazelnut spread. We've been through a lot together — heartaches and celebrations — but this sweet treat is my #summerbody enemy numero uno. But also, my best friend!

Sometimes, I have the will power to walk away, but if I'm in a particularly fragile state, I'll buy a medium-sized jar, go home, and spiral. Like, I'll eat the entire container and then have a total shame attack thinking about what I just did. I feel like an addict. Do I need help? Guys, it's just so good."

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"I have a major girl boner for men with red beards, and I'm not talking regular freckly gingers like Pete & Pete. There is something magical about a tall, dark haired man who can sprout dark red facial hair, like Michael Fassbender. The only thing guiltier would be if me and red-bearded beau were eating Cadbury Cream Eggs together while playing with tons of puppies."

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"Sometimes I like to tack one or two of these bad boys on to my bodega order if I'm feeling extra lucky. I know how silly it is, but I'll get the last laugh when I'm raking in $1,000 every week for the rest of my life. Hey, you never know."

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"Frozen yogurt dinner. There are some days when I simply cannot bring myself to eat real food, and decide that, as a grown-up, I can eat like a eight-year-old if I want. I'm not talking the healthy, plain, active-culture kind either. I'm talking birthday cake-flavored and covered in cereal. Bonus points if I do this directly after a workout."

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"I have a lot of guilty pleasures (FOX singing-and-dancing shows included), but I have an obsession with Chipotle. I have to have at least one burrito bowl a week."

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"Dream weddings, divorce shockers, posh babies, and celebs that are 'Just Like Us.' Who doesn't love seeing how the rich and famous live? I confess my guilty pleasure is totally reading Us Weekly cover to cover. Deciding 'Who Wore It Best' or spotting pics of RyGos snapped at the gas station or our neighborhood bakery."

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"Pizza Dough. I'm not even kidding you, I have eaten an entire bag of raw pizza dough and I loved every second of it. I'm a rebel, and too modern for my times...but someday, my courage will be recognized as heroic."

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"Hello, my name is Megan and I watch Cougar Town. I'm embarrassed to even say the name, it's that bad. I came into it late after reading blurb after blurb in Entertainment Weekly about how the show is actually pretty good, despite the name. And damn them, it is. It really, really is.

Maybe I just have a specific sense of humor (of the oddball and slightly deranged variety) but the rapid-pace banter, awesome inside jokes (Big Carl! Penny Can!), dynamic cast, and surprising charm of this show keep me hooked — and is why I have to continue to have arguments with my friends and random people at bars who overhear our heated conversations that yes, the name is dumb, but the show itself is great. Also, Busy Philipps. 'Nuff said."

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"I really enjoy listening to really sappy, dramatic movie scores when I'm walking around the city. I'm talking about the Mancini score to Romeo and Juliet, the Dead Poets Society score...and if I could find it on iTunes, I'd probably throw the Gilmore Girls score on there, too. But alas, I can't."

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"Don’t judge me, but I am over trashy mags (because it is all the same gossip), so I am totally addicted to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta. I like them all except Miami, but those are my two favorites. Basically, I am addicted to Bravo."

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"I have a truly unhealthy obsession with cookie dough — and not the store-bought kind that comes in a tube. I love making it from scratch just to eat, and I've actually had the recipe memorized for years now. The trick is to go overboard on the vanilla...vanilla use can really make or break your cookie dough experience."

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"Binge-watching TV shows — I'll store up all the episodes and cover my ears when friends talk about them, and then once I have 10 or so collected I'll hole up in my apartment and watch back-to-back episodes. Each time one ends, I'll say 'one more,' but I know I won't sleep until I've seen them all. When I finally watched The Wire, Season 5 had just ended — that was the most epic session ever. I lost a weekend and even called in sick to work because I couldn't stop."

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"Mine is totally weekend-centric: I get up, make coffee, soft boil two eggs, make buttered toast soldiers (yes, I am an old British man), and eat them on the couch while watching the Barefoot Contessa while ALSO — this is the kicker — reading one of my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks at the same time. Yes, my idea of a guilty pleasure, no-holds-barred relax fest is a double dose of Ina Garten. Ina from all angles. Yes, I am insane, but it is my happy place. I'm sorry, but I'll take Ina and Jeffrey over The Bachelor any day!"

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"Monster Energy — because after a long Friday at work, I still want the energy to party all night! And, it happens to taste great in champagne (dont judge me)."

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"I Love R.Kelly. I can't deny it, he makes me believe I can fly."

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"'Teenage Dream.' I'm not a Katy Perry fan — at all — but the nano-second I hear it, baby I believe. I have to dance around the room with a hairbrush-microphone. Nothing can stop me."

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