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Guess Who These Anonymous Bloggers Are!

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    Who's that lady!? As an antidote to personal style blogs that read almost as a self-promotional blogger lookbook, anonymous bloggers like DKNY PR Girl, Stan D'arde, and Fake Karl have been taking over our Twitter feeds and Google readers as of late. Almost like 21st-century cyber versions of superheroes with hidden identities (think Batman or Spidey), these generous bloggers are making the web a more interesting place without taking too much credit for themselves. As much as we've enjoyed getting to know Tavi, Susie Bubble, Rumi Neely, and the rest, there's something oddly exhilarating about the air of mystery that shrouds these tweeters and bloggers. Sure, these people aren't completely anonymous—we do know some fun facts about their personalities. But for this crop of fashion insiders, their strategy seems to be to give us a little and always leave us wanting more. Check out this list of our fave bloggers who make like Bruce Wayne and keep their true identities to themselves.

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