10 Ways To Be A Grown-Up In The Kitchen

We're technically adults, but that doesn't always show when it comes to cooking, doing dishes, and engaging in other kitchen-related activities. Now that it's 2016, we're thinking this might be the year we officially become full-blown grown-ups in the kitchen. It's easier said than done, but if we can accomplish the following 10 things, mom and dad will be seriously impressed the next time they come to visit. Who knows, we might even start throwing regular dinner parties where we actually cook all the food ourselves (gasp!).
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Drink Wine Out Of Wine Glasses
Let's leave Solo cups and random glassware filled with wine behind. Invest in an inexpensive set of wine glasses and you'll look and feel like a grown-up in no time.
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Don’t Leave Dishes In The Sink
Okay, we've definitely seen plenty of real adults who still do this, but if you've got a sink full of dishes, it's hard to motivate yourself to step foot in the kitchen, let alone cook. Try to wash as you use your dishware. That way, you won't be left with a overwhelming amount of dirty dishes at the end of the week.
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Freezers Aren’t Just For Ice & Booze
Instead of just keeping your vodka cool and storing trendy oversized ice cubes in your freezer, use it to help make cooking easier. Store some tasty store-bought meals for emergencies, as well as some ready-to-make slow-cooker or regular dishes that are freezer-friendly, so you're always prepared.
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Unpack Your Oven
We're all short on space, but there's no bigger deterrent to actually cooking with your oven than using it for storage.
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Use Real Plates & Silverware
Yes, it's way more convenient to use paper plates and plastic utensils, but you'll be helping the environment, plus getting major adult points if you eat off of real plates and cutlery. Our days of eating straight from the takeout container are officially behind us.
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Eat Your Leftovers
Sometimes, it gets exhausting eating the same thing every day, but if you make extra food, try to plan it out so you will actually eat it. That way, you won't end up with Tupperware filled with rotting things that you don't recognize in the fridge two months later — and you'll save money, too.
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Know Where Your Can Opener Is
There's nothing more frustrating than setting out to cook something and then not know where you last put the specific kitchen tool you need. Instead of having a kitchen junk drawer, buy a few drawer organizers or put larger kitchen tools in a container on your counter.
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Make Sure Your Fridge Isn’t Just Filled With Old Takeout
We're definitely guilty of ordering way too much takeout, but that's not all that fridges are for. If you start grocery shopping and stocking up your fridge with delicious snacks and things to cook with on a more regular basis, it becomes way easier to pry yourself away from the Seamless app.
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A Few Minor Accidents Are A-Okay
Don't take a few minor snafus in the kitchen to heart, they're actually a good thing! If you some dishes or break a few glasses, just think of it as part of your growth to kitchen adulthood.
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Have A Go-To Dish
If you have one delicious go-to dish that you feel comfortable making, everyone will think you're a master of your kitchen — even if that's still a work in progress. Plus, you'll always be able to feed yourself something satisfying in a pinch. Here are a few tasty suggestions.