GQ Does Full-Frontal Nudity And It's Not Pretty

We know, we know, it's hot as balls outside. But dudes, that doesn't give you a license to pull out your ownballs. Well, GQ magazine doesn't agree with our pantless policy—in their August issue, they've got Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, and Chris Evans, the stars from the upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World cavorting around NYC sans trousers. You can check the beans and the frank in the subway, doing some outdoor exercises, and just having a little shopping stroll. We're hoping that the shoot, appropriately entitled "Pantless Saturdays," won't start a trend, but we'd secretly love it if these pics weren't blurred below the belt line. Well, actually just uncensor Chris Evans', the other two are better left unseen. (GQ)

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