12 Insanely Inspiring Photos From NYC's Most Gorgeous Weddings

Photo: Courtesy of Chaz Cruz.
Big or small, DIY or over-the-top, every wedding is different. But, if there's one thing we hear from every single married person we know, it's what a total blur the entire experience is. Hence the hours people spend laboring over the perfect wedding photographer, the one that will allow you, your grandkids, and everyone you meet in the interim to know just how gut-wrenchingly gorgeous your celebration was. 

The fascinating thing about wedding photos is that they can be just as special to the person behind the camera as they are to the happy couple. Wonder what makes for an incredibly moving image? Ahead, we spoke to 12 of New York's most brilliant photographers to find out everything about the shots that have inspired them most.
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Photo: Courtesy of Photo Pink.
Linda & Fredda, Dumbo
"Linda and Fredda were together for 31 years before they came to New York from Tennessee to get married. They were champion bass fisherwomen, and even had their own fishing show. Most people didn't know they were a couple.

"Their wedding day was so happy. Linda and Fredda were so happy. The city was so happy for them. So many people stopped to tell them how beautiful they looked and to congratulate them. They really did look so beautiful.

"A year after the wedding, Linda was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. They had 32 years together, and finally got to live the last one as a married couple. I've probably shot around 700 weddings throughout my career, and I can't think of one day where I felt more inspired by the love of two people than that day with Linda and Fredda."
- Liesl Henrichsen
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Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Chung.
Lauren & Eric, Fort Tyron Park
"I came across this amazing tree — it was a bit out of place. The way it hung reminded me of being in an ethereal forest. I really wanted to encapsulate that fantasy atmosphere, and bring to life something from a dream. The way the tree surrounded the couple highlighted the intimate moment between the two.

"Even in New York City, where everyone's hustling and bustling, there are still places to find tranquility and beauty."
- Cynthia Chung
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Photo: Courtesy of Amy Rizzuto.
Jessika & Vincent, Central Park
"Jessika and Vincent had one of those magical weddings: a day filled with so much beauty and romance that my heart wanted to burst with happiness. The snow started that morning. As I watched it slowly cover New York City with a silky white blanket, I sent up a quick thank you. I had been praying for snow all week (I even considered making fake snow).

"After Jessika and Vincent exchanged vows by candlelight in the Central Park Boathouse, we headed outside for some intimate portrait time. I had been visualizing a specific photo I wanted to capture all week; now it was just time to execute it.

"Placing the couple in front of the snow-dusted arches of Bethesda Terrace, I asked my second shooter, Mekina Saylor, to stand about 10 feet behind them with a Speedlight synced to the Speedlight on my camera. I wanted the backlight of the flash to illuminate the tiny flakes still falling from the sky. I clicked the shutter and was overwhelmed with joy at the result!"
- Amy Rizzuto
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Photo: Courtesy of Casey Fatchett Photography.
Rich & Lauren, West Village
"The bridal party wanted a photo on the street walking together, so I had them link arms, and their personalities took over.

"I find what really 'makes' the photo is the backlight, which is provided by a car driving down the street behind them. New York City is as much a participant in the photos you take here as it is a backdrop."
- Casey Fatchett
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Photo: Courtesy of Amber Gress.
Maya & Uri, Greenpoint
"The thing about shooting in New York City is that things are so often out of your control. There are moving parts at all times — it’s something that I have learned to embrace in my work, and I love it!

"This is one of those moments: Suddenly, a large tour bus shows up and blocks your shot — but then, the break lights come on and give her that red highlight on the left. It just looks like a movie still to me — they are the two most glamorous people left in the night, surrounded by the grit of the city."
- Amber Gress
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Photo: Courtesy of Chaz Cruz.
Laura & Eleizer, Williamsburg
"Laura and Eleizer love the art and murals around their Williamsburg neighborhood, so I did some scouting before the wedding day and found this Icy and Sot piece. I knew I wanted to do something with them covering their eyes that would juxtapose well with the mural, since the kids are looking up.

"From the color runs to the children's faces, the mural has an element of childlike fun. I try to capture that feeling of nostalgia in the work I do, so finding those elements around the city always fuels my creativity."
- Chaz Cruz

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Photo: Courtesy of Brklyn View Photography.
Ashley & Jonathon, Carroll Gardens
"I wanted to show the closeness and love between this couple in front of 501 Union’s beautiful industrial doors. It’s soft and romantic with a bit of edge, which is very Brooklyn. They’ve seen each other and calmed their nerves before walking down the aisle. They are relaxed and giving each other a familiar, soft smile and getting excited to become husband and wife!"
-Jainé Kershner
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Photo: Courtesy of Ina McConnell.
Lauren & Bradley, Upper East Side
"When I snapped this shot, a beautiful speech was taking place by one of the couple's closest friends. I love that Lauren (co-creator of Lauren Moshi) wore this long, silk tulle skirt and a black T-shirt. I was so inspired by her effortless style. Wedding photography has become such a form of artwork, and I love to see when my couples push beyond the barriers and traditions."
- Ina McConnell
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Photo: Courtesy of Olli Studio.
Rachel & Richie, Long Island City
"I love to use wide-angle shots to include more objects in the photo, to help tell a story. This photo is a perfect example of doing just that!

"This room was called The Mirror Room, and it just called to me! I love the bride’s silhouette against the dark walls and bright window behind — as well as the reflection of light coming from the window and bouncing off of the mirrors into the dark room. It’s breathtakingly captivating to the eye."
- Don Hwang
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Photo: Courtesy of Cly by Matthew.
Jennifer & Caleb, Meatpacking District
"The bride wore this stunning, flowy wedding dress made by Carol Hannah. It reminded me of a beautiful waterfall. I wanted to put her on the steps with the backdrop of the hanging plants and lanterns to create this image — like a waterfall cascading down to the creek."
- Matthew Lee
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Photo: Courtesy of Susan Shek.
Tracy & Cory, Upper East Side
“When I envisioned this shot, I leaned over the rails fearlessly, pointed my camera below, and directed Tracy and Cory to share a special moment together at the bottom of the stairs. I was thinking outside my comfort zone and saw a great opportunity by looking down the beautiful winding staircase inside the Pratt House.

"The trust and communication that I had with my couple made me create this inspiring shot. Since then, it has become one of my favorite pictures of all time.”
- Susan Shek
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Photo: Courtesy of Cassidy Parker Smith.
Lauren & Eric, Dumbo
"I've never been so happy for rain on a wedding day as I was in this moment. We hopped on the F train in Cobble Hill and headed for Dumbo, but what started as a few rain drops became a full-on downpour once we got off at the York Street stop. When we stepped out of the subway onto the street, I saw a big graffiti 'yes' under an overpass, and we all ran for cover. A few minutes later, the one car blocking the graffiti drove off, and what resulted is one of my favorite photos ever.

"We have zero control over the weather on a wedding day, but when the couple doesn’t let that affect things, and keeps laughing and exploring with me, we are able to create something truly epic together."
- Cassidy Parker Smith