The Ultimate Office: Inside Google's NYC Compound

It's hard to remember a time before AIM. Before Facebook. And yes, even before Instagram. Harder still, calling to mind a world before Google. And really, we don't even want to think about it. Instead, we'd rather go behind the scenes to get a closer look at what it's like to be in charge of…everything.
Wish fulfilled: We got an exclusive tour of the even more super-exclusive Google compound in NYC—and we found out that there really are people (not robots) running Google. It's kind of like pressing all those shift-F-button combinations and accidentally realizing there's a world in your computer beyond your desktop wallpaper—except this world has scooters, ping-pong tables, Pac-Man-themed cafes, and unlimited vacation "sick" days. From the quirky library space to the grown-up game room of every employee's dreams, this office actually has it all. Click through to see the workspace of the wizards behind the WWW, and don't sweat it—should you want to relive the sneak peek all over again, you can always just, uh, Google it.
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The reception area, one of the few places that you actually see the "Google" logo.
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One of the many meeting spaces — it's a goal for the Google brass to provide lots of space for employees to come together and work as a team.
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Google's computer museum, where they keep their computers from the ages. Recognize any from your youth?
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The game room, where employees can take a break to play a round of pool. It often reenergizes Googlers when they've hit a working wall.
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The Pac-Man arcade — need we say more?
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Even the walls are Pac-Man-themed.
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One of the many "micro" kitchens. Yes, you read that right — this qualifies as "micro."
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Free snacks!
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Each café serves different fare.
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The Water Tower Cafe has a rooftop theme, since it's level with the building's neighboring rooftops.
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The interior of the "water tower," built right on the fifth floor.
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Introducing the Google Library, where Googlers can come for a private, quiet work sesh.
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This is the one place where silence is a near requirement.
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Google uses long tables to encourage employees to sit together.
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"A mysterious robot replica," a.k.a. a B1 Battle Droid from Star Wars.
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A seating area in the Five Borough Café.
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Birdcage decor in the Five Borough Café.
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These windows are a continuous impression of what's directly outside of them. Standing right in the windowsill gives the impression that you're actually on a balcony — they skyline looks like it is continuous.
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This room is meant to poke fun at the cramped space of an NYC apartment — sure reminds us of home.
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The New Amsterdam conference room with a Broadway theme. We love the red carpet!
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A replica of Google's NYC HQ, made entirely out of Legos.