How To NOT Get Frostbite When You Go Out Tonight

We're not exactly fans of no-shows and people who decide to cancel plans at the last minute, but when it's too cold to function (like right now), we understand. Still, we can't just all huddle under heated blankets until everything thaws. To help, we've come up with outfit ideas that make it possible to enjoy a fun social life without freezing your butt off.
Dressing for such inclement climes requires some strategic thinking: Outfits deemed sexy in summer will earn you a one-way ticket to the emergency room; and while a sleek leather jacket was your fall date-night topper of choice, today you're going to need to pile another coat on top. (One underneath, too.) There are still plenty of other options for bundling that won't "ruin" your look, and will allow you to slyly slip on an extra layer. Click over and confirm your plans for this evening. Your Slanket will still be there when you get back.
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Everyone and their mother is out today — think Valentine’s Day, or the Sunday night before a major holiday. Chances are you’re not stepping foot inside a cab. You can try your luck at hailing one for the next 40 minutes or suck up a steep Uber bill, but ultimately it’s public transportation or your feet that will get you home. At a brisk 20 degrees, the weather is manageable, but will be challenging to combat when you’re spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Prepare feet first.

Choose a walk-friendly pair of boots and don’t forget a super-thick sock. You can tuck it into your pant leg, or let it peek out. Everyone else will think you’re so clever to flash a bit of leopard under a cropped trouser — you will just be thankful your ankles don't go numb.

When it comes to outerwear, go long — at least knee-length — to provide a bit more all-over body warmth while you’re walking. That extra-cozy beanie you never wear because it messes up your hair? Tonight’s the night to take it for a spin, flattened 'do be damned.
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The good news is that you won’t spend much time outside at all. There will be a quick dash from one location to the next, the streets won’t be crowded, and, admittedly, you’ve probably done it once or twice without a jacket at all. We can’t condone that, but have a simple solution: the statement coat.

This is the kind of topper that’s like an entire outfit unto itself. It’ll keep you warm when jetting from place to place, but you'll also be keen to keep it on throughout the evening and have it serve as part of your ensemble. Be sure to wear light layers underneath — you'll warm right up inside, and will want opening the jacket to be enough to cool you down. Avoid having to strip your layers entirely, which leaves your arms so full you can't order a drink.
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What happens on the third date with your new boo is your business, but we can all agree that we don’t typically slip into a fleece-lined sweatsuit, knee socks, and a sofa throw when we’re looking to seduce. Aim for a happy medium of warm and hot for date night.

We’re big fans of the over-the-knee boot when it comes to an especially special evening. Coupled with slim-fit jeans or a pair (or two) of leggings, the boots look great while keeping your extremities well covered. For the rest of your ensemble, concentrate on subtle, flirty details (an embellished neckline or sparkly pair of earrings) that draw attention to your face. If you’re willing to expose a bit of skin in this weather, opt for something like an off-the-shoulder top, a dress that dips low in the back, or a cropped sweater that meets the top of your high-waist jeans.
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This is the kind of night you'd spend with comfort food at least two seasons of Friends. Too bad you bought tickets back in September for a concert you absolutely can't miss — just imagine the FOMO when your friends' Insta-documention starts streaming in. Get up and slip into something that’ll allow you to dance your face off: a jumpsuit.

The one-piece outfit is not only easy to put on, it also allows for plenty of space to sneakily hide layers underneath. Pile on the tights and long johns under a loose-fit onesie and none will be the wiser that you’re actually totally warm and toasty. Don't forget to add accessories such as a statement bag, a pretty piling of gold jewelry, or chunky-heeled booties — things that won't keep you warm, but will put you in the mood to actually leave your house.
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It's not that you don’t want to support your BFF, but this is the kind of cold that makes your breath look like it’s escaping a chimney, your eyes tear uncontrollably, and you get a case of the sniffles the moment you step outside. It’s miserable, and we won’t sugarcoat it. There are only a few special reasons to leave the house in this state, and your bosom buddy is one of them.

Now's the time to pull out all the stops. You can incorporate the aforementioned tips, such as sneaky layers and shoes that double as another pair of pants, but don't avoid playing up the winter-wonderland vibes. Pair a thin down jacket beneath your statement coat — a combination that's both warm and gives a sporty edge to your more-formal look. Style a beanie with your party dress for the coolest juxtaposition. Trade your tights for fleece-lined leggings. Pile on a standout blanket scarf that you can keep on indoors. And, by all means, take a cab. For your bravery, you deserve it.