Date-Night Beauty Rituals Around The World

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Whether you’re a seasoned single or off-the-market, prepping for a date can be pretty stressful. So we thought we'd try to take away some of the pressure and give you some inspiration. Here, we demystify the pre-date beauty routine by asking some of our favorite babes around the world, from São Paulo to Paris, about their dating style, beauty philosophy, and how they get gorgeous before a romantic night out. Click ahead to read their tips.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Marina Khorosh

Hometown: "I’m originally from New York, but currently live in Paris."

"I work in luxury marketing. In my spare time, I also pen a blog called Dbag Dating, which chronicles my numerous dating misadventures! I also write about dating for

Dating Status:
"Clearly, I am most definitely single! Contrary to what people assume, I actually don't go on official dates that often. Maybe it’s living in France, maybe it's the hippie child in me, but I enjoy letting life take its course and getting swept away by impromptu plans! However, thanks to the magical powers of Tinder, I probably end up in a date-like setting a couple of times a month."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Makeup Routine: "I’m pretty minimal when it comes to makeup, you can attribute it to the same inner hippie. Although, I’m meticulous about my skin, both for myself and because I think that's what men tend to pay attention most. I start with Embryolisse Lait-Crème, followed by an Estelle & Thild tinted moisturizer, and some Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat under my eyes. I still have no idea what contouring means, but I try to recreate my own version of it with a Laura Mercier bronzer. I also never leave the house without applying an eyebrow pencil, usually Bobbi Brown. Eyebrows make the face. This is my base; the rest is determined by the situation.

Hair Regimen: "I have baby hair and a terrible habit of washing it every day. So, it pretty much always looks the same, and I always wear it down like a security shield. But my new resolution is to face my fears and wear my hair up more."

Date Look: "If it's a day date, I stick to the routine, adding a swipe of Benefit mascara. If it's a casual drink, I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt, which practically begs for a good lip stain. If it's a dinner date, emphasis is on the eyes! I never use liner though — everything you need to do can be done with shadow and the right brush. Fine, maybe if I’m fishing for a proposal, I’ll go as far as a wingtip, but that requires extreme dedication. When I lived in NYC, I would get the occasional pre-date mani, but here in France, clean, polished nails are more than enough."

Tinder Tips: I’ve learned to be careful with the pictures you put on Tinder. Don't take the ones from events when you’re wearing “stage makeup,” no matter how great you look – the guy may not recognize you when you walk into the room!
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Victoria Krutoy

Hometown: "I live between Moscow and New York."

Occupation: "
I own a couple of flower shops in Moscow called Florist Gump, and I am also a recording artist."

Dating Status: "
I’m married. We have been together for five years and married for one. We love to eat out all the time, and go on dates about twice a week."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Date Night Philosophy: "Over the years, I’ve learned less is more when it comes to beauty. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually started wearing less makeup, especially on romantic nights out. It saves me so much time, and I think it makes me look fresher.

Makeup Routine: "I usually stick to a few products. I use a concealer stick, eyebrow gel, cream blush, mascara, and a pale pink lip pencil. I like to add liner on my bottom lid to make my eyes pop. I save the extravagant makeup for super special occasions and events. I dislike lipstick [and] usually opt for a lip pencil, and use it all over my lips. It stays on the entire night, even after you finish eating, and doesn’t get on your teeth."

Hair Regimen: "I am not a fan of any crazy hairstyles. I always blow my hair out straight, so I tend to wear it the same, no matter where I go."

Favorite Fragrance: "I wear very light and subtle fragrances. You don’t want to kill your date with your scent. Guys love sweet perfumes, although I am usually not a fan, for a date it might be okay. I usually choose Quelques Fleurs."

Dating Disasters: "I’ve learned from my dating beauty mistakes when I was younger. One time I used too much eyebrow pencil, and apparently, overfilled them. Thankfully, my date didn’t say anything. When I got home, my parents asked, 'Why are your eyebrows black?' At the time I had a thing for dark eyebrows, and really overdid it! That was a major fail."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Chrissy Rutherford

New York

Occupation: "
I’m the senior digital editor for I always thought I wanted to work for a print magazine, I got my start as a fashion closet intern at Harper’s Bazaar while in college. But after a freelance stint at, I decided that digital life was the only life for me — my former editor at hired me when she left to take over, where I’ve been for almost 4 years now."

Dating Status: "I’m single and ready to mingle. While the dating scene in New York can be bleak sometimes, I've actually never had a total dating nightmare (knock on wood). It's so easy to meet people in New York, but it's not as easy to meet someone that you can connect with. I have a lot of international friends, and I really admire their laissez-faire attitude on dating. I try to take that approach as much as possible, but it can be tough sometimes. I hate dating for the sake of dating, so I tend to only go on dates with guys that I think have actual potential."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Pre-Date Routine: "I get ready for a date the same way I’d get ready for any night out on the town. I cleanse my face with Cetaphil face wash (using my Philips PureRadiance cleansing brush), and then put on Laura Mercier Flawless Skin moisturizer because it smells like roses. I use a little bit of concealer under my eyes, seal it with Clinique stay-matte powder, and dab MAC highlighter on my cheeks and down my nose. Then I use liquid eyeliner to draw on a cat-eye, which I must say I'm pretty good at. I like Covergirl Bombshell Liner, but I also just started using Eyeko, which is good, too. Then I use Maybelline mascara. For lips, I’ll just put on a pinkish lip gloss, or whatever happens to be in my bag to enhance my natural color. I’ve never worn lipstick on a date. I’m actually pretty low maintenance; I haven’t had a manicure in months! As I’ve gotten older, I think I just rely less on makeup, especially during the summer when you have a great glow going — I wouldn’t think twice about going on a date with just a little mascara and some lip balm."

Hair Regimen: "I get a blow out every other week, regardless if I have a date or not. I like to style my hair with soft waves—I use my trusty Goody hair wand to achieve this."

Favorite Fragrance: "For my choice of fragrance, Tom Ford Black Orchid is musky and mysterious. Lately, I’ve been using Aesop’s Marrakech Intense, which has the same vibe but is a little lighter so it's perfect for summer."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Sarah-Sofie Boussnina


"I work as an actress."

Dating Status: "I've been in a relationship for the last six months. We are really good at dating. Actually, we're good at doing everything together. We hang out with our friends, visit each other’s families, and even go out at night together. It's very important that we're each other's best friends!"
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Pre-Date Routine: "My approach to getting ready for dates hasn't changed much over the years. I've honestly never really been the type who wears a lot of makeup. When it comes to going out together, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in my own skin. I love a natural fresh look. I start out by using oil on my skin, I love the natural oils from Karmameju and Estelle and Thild. After they dry, I like to apply a light dusting of mineral powder to keep me from getting shiny. I add a touch of color with a pink blush, then a coating of mascara.

Date Night Differences: "If we are going on an evening date, I always line my eyes with a beautiful black liner. I love cat-eyes and red lips."

Hair Regimen: "In terms of my hair, I am pretty basic. I go out with freshly washed hair and add a touch of Moroccan Oil."

Favorite Fragrance: "I’ll never leave the house without wearing my Fendi fragrance. It's a must!"
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Stephanie Bekes Camargo

Hometown: "I was born and raised in São Paulo. I recently moved to London.

Occupation: "I work at LAMB Arts, a young gallery based in London with a focus on Latin American art.

Dating Status: "I’m in a committed relationship. My boyfriend is also from Brazil, and living in London. We’ve been together since last October. Our dating life can change a lot during the week; it all depends on how busy we are. But we always go out a lot over the weekend."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Date Night Makeup: "I really enjoy dressing up and doing my makeup. When I show up to a dinner or date all dressed up, [my boyfriend] knows I put the time in it. I usually wear the same makeup that I would for a night out with my friends. I’ve been using the same products for quite a while now. The look really focuses on glowing skin with eyes that pop. Long eyelashes are key. I start with MAC concealer and Dior BB Cream, then add a bit of color with a MAC blush and illuminator. I apply a pearly eye shadow from Rituals, and line my eyes with a liner from MAC. Before I go out, I always add a few swipes of Bad Gal mascara from Benefit. I'm always pro lipstick. I love vivid reds and pinks, and prefer shades with a matte finish. I mostly wear black clothes, so adding a bright shade adds a pop of color. During dinner, I'll retouch it whenever I go to the bathroom. My take on making out with lipstick is at least we'll both look smudged."

Hair and Nail Regimen:
"My hair takes the most time. I have very thin straight hair — I prefer to wash it before going out [so it] lasts longer when I style it. I use a surf spray or mousse, and finish it off with a bit of wax. Lately, I've been wearing it back in a bun. It's practical and always looks good. When I lived in Brazil, I got my nails done every week, but here in London, it's harder to keep the same schedule. And the prices for manicures and pedicures in London are much higher, that is one of the biggest differences in my beauty routine since I’ve moved."

Makeup History: "I have always been into makeup, single or in a relationship; I prefer to do it for myself rather than have anyone else do it for me. When I was younger, I would wear a lot of dark eye shadow because I thought it would make me look older. Now I stick to lighter shades and barely wear darker tones. That is the biggest difference in my dating beauty style.

Dating Disasters: "When I was younger, I had one dating beauty nightmare. I’ve learned that not having makeup remover at your boyfriend’s house is a big no-no. Having to leave the next day with black smudged eyes is an immediate walk of shame."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Name: Daniela Villegas

"I’m from Mexico and live in Hollywood, California."

"I'm a jewelry designer."

Dating Status: "I've been with my husband for nine years —we've lived together for three, and got married five years ago. We go on dates about five times each week.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Beauty Routine: "For my beauty prep, I get facials once a month, and I always drink lots of water during the day."

Makeup Philosophy: "I'm not a makeup girl. I like the natural look, but bright lipstick is a must. I go for a bold lip look, rotating between dark oranges, corals, and cold pinks. I find wearing lipstick is part of being a woman. When I see my reflection in the mirror, I want to look like myself, and show that I'm comfortable with who I am. As a woman, I’m emotional and my mood changes, so clothes and makeup are great tools to express my state of mind. I love dresses and a more feminine style. I'm a black dress type of girl since they are just so easy and a great canvas for the jewelry."

Favorite Fragrance: "When we go out, I wear Opium. I've been wearing this scent since I turned 15. Sometimes I mix it with different oils to make my own fragrance. It's the same perfume that my great-grandmother used to wear."

Hair Regimen: "I have curly hair, so I like to wear it au naturel — but other times I wear it straight or up in a chignon. It all depends on my clothes and jewels.

Dating Disasters: "My biggest dating faux pas has been not wearing sunscreen. One time I became so sunburned that I had to stay in my hotel room for the entire trip, it was the worst weekend date!"

Date Night Style: "Over time, I've enjoyed experimenting with clothes and color on our dates. The look typically depends on the event we are going to, but at this point in the relationship, and in my life, I feel more adventurous now. It's important to always keep the surprise factor in the relationship — I don't always have the same routine and standard look. Each day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, and that goes for everything in my life. I want to be better, look better, know more, laugh more, and have different ranges of experiences. This way I can feel proud of who I am and who I'm becoming, and my husband will also feel proud of who I am. I believe that you are what you eat and how you think."
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