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It's Official: Metallic Is The New Glitter

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    Shimmery, glittery makeup is like gingerbread or pumpkin spice. We don't think about it all year, and then suddenly the temperatures drop and we need it, all the time. This holiday season, though, we're already feeling bored with our glitter options. There's only so much shimmering champagne eyeshadow a girl can take. Plus, with this season's emphasis on grungy punk looks, there's no room in our holiday plan for anything less than edgy. Glitter's just not going to cut it.

    Instead, we're going full-on metallic. This bold makeup is glitter's older, rebellious stepsister — vaguely related and bad in the best way. It's far from subtle and that's why we love it. Leave the matte finish for your skin, and click through for the most exciting metallic makeup of the season.

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