How To Do A Girls' Night Out Right — According To Hollywood

Chick flicks: The term that was once a cinematic put-down now speaks to a beloved genre. Nowhere in film is there such a celebration of female friendship, and this bonding and sisterhood is often depicted with a classic girls' night out scene. But, come to think of it, pretty much every girls’ night out movie moment is glamorous — yet painfully unrealistic. (Who's paying for all those drinks? How have these ladies danced on six-inch stilettos for the past six hours?) Our girls’ nights out involve way more wiping away wine mustaches and time spent hailing cabs.
An epic night out, according to Hollywood, sounds like a hilarious hot mess, as seen here. Warning: We don’t suggest you try this at home…it probably won’t go as well as it does in the movies.
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Pick a really weird activity like drumming/painting at a club
Miss Congeniality

You could just go to some regular bar or restaurant with your girls, but why not take a tip from rom-com queen Sandra Bullock? Find a place where you can do an unorthodox activity — like painting while simultaneously banging on drums. (That occurs in Manhattan, right?)
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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Ideally, you have some sort of bet going with your friends before you hit the bar. Then crowd in a corner, eye your prey, giggle uncontrollably, and repeat.
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Drink cosmos
Sex and the City

If we’ve learned anything from Sex and the City, it’s that no girls' night out is complete without the ultimate 2001 drink: the cosmopolitan. Just because the show and movies are fin doesn’t mean you should slack on your cosmo sipping. As Carrie says, “This is delicious. Why did we ever stop drinking these?”
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The Heat

Seriously, if you aren’t spilling your secrets, then you won't get to bond with your hilariously awkward pal. Be forewarned: Whatever you’ve been bottling up inside, it has to come out now, greased by your girl and a few drinks. Look at Sandy and Melissa in The Heat. They would have never become “sisters” if they hadn’t gotten drunk, shared some seriously personal stuff, and passed out at some dirty bar. Turning points, ladies.
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Make It A Girls' Night In

If you've never played drunk dress-up, you're missing out. As flawlessly demonstrated by Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in this scene from new BFF comedy The Other Woman, all two girls need for a kick-ass party is a bottle of wine and a closet full of Louboutins (frilled panties optional). See their shenanigans on the big screen April 25.
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Talk about how many men you’ve made the sex with
What’s Your Number?

What’s a girls' night out without a little kissing and telling? If you're going out with your GFs, know that you're going to have to share your "number." Is there anything else to talk about? (Maybe shoes?)
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Reject the most beautiful man in the room
Crazy, Stupid, Love

It’s called a “girls' night out” for a reason: no boys allowed. No matter how perfect and Ryan Gosling-like he is, it is your womanly duty to reject that man and focus on your ladies. If it helps, pretend that he is hideous just like Emma Stone’s character does in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
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Go to a strip club
Bride Wars

Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of shiny men in thongs dancing on poles, not looking anything like the actors of Magic Mike? Not us, we say. Go with a bunch of our girlfriends, wear boas, and let your inner, secret objectification run wild. Feel free to get on stage to signify the moment in which you "let your hair down." Then, proceed to actually let your hair down.
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Give one friend a hot makeover
Walk of Shame

Any rom-com worth its salted popcorn has a really great makeover montage scene. Most recently, Elizabeth Banks’ sad buttoned-up character in Walk of Shame gets a hot makeover, courtesy of her true-blue pals, before hitting the clubs. Even if all your friends already look amazing, it’s not a true GNO until someone gets made over. (Think: Good girl gone bad? Shy girl opens up? The possibilities are endless.)
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Do karaoke
House Bunny

If there is one rule to follow from Anna Faris’ character in House Bunny, it's this: “Always say yes to karaoke.” Have a practiced dance ready, jump up on that stage, then shoot out the confetti. The ideal song of choice is anything by Madonna.
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Wear really sparkly clothes
Uptown Girls

The universal uniform for ladies night is sparkles and stilettos. And, if anyone knows how to do it right it’s Brittany Murphy's character, Molly, from Uptown Girls, who believes every outfit deserves some sparkle — no matter your age.

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Do a choreographed dance together
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Obviously, we all keep a choreographed dance in our back pockets, and if you’re smart, you and your girlfriends have the exact same one (which you probably learned together years ago during a girls’ night in). Now’s the time to whip that bad boy out. Hit the dance floor with your ladies a la Romy and Michele and show everyone in the club how tight you guys are. No one will think it’s weird, we promise. It’s totally normal for a bunch of women to know the same exact dance.