The Most-Stylish All-Girl Band In Town

What do four girls from Brooklyn do when they aren't consumed by a career in fashion? They make beautiful music, of course. Open Ocean's Jill Bradshaw, Susan Domelsmith, Sarah Frances Kuhn, and Angela Barrows have caught our attention with their moody melodies, as well as with their earthy, boho style. The influence of these local gals' definitely splits the worlds of music and fashion, so we were thrilled to have them share their views on both. With a conscious nod to natural products, a keen eye for NYC underground shopping spots, and a mutual love for wearing and sharing jewelry (including the designs of their fellow band members!), it's hard not to envy these multi-multi-talented ladies.
Style inspiration is a click away with our slideshow (and Q&A) of this cool all-girl band!
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Any Open Ocean news you can let us in on?
Sarah Kuhn: "We just shot a video for 'Solar Eyes' with Peter Beste, Robert Semmer, and Christopher Rosales upstate. We hiked in gowns to some waterfalls. The results are  bound to be great!"

The four of you obviously spend a lot of time together. Do you think your individual styles have become more similar as a result?
Jill Bradshaw: "I think we all have our own individual style which is great. I love that there's diversity. That's also what makes up our sound. We all have different musical preferences as inspiration and it comes together when we play."

Above, left to right: On Jill, vintage kimono jacket, Bodkin bustier, pants from Urban Outfitters, Michael van der Hamm for Topshop blue velvet shoes, vintage Moroccan necklace, Pamela Love crystal necklace. Angela is wearing an orange, ethnic, vintage skirt from Fox & Fawn Vintage, American Apparel black top, vintage shoes, bracelets by Cheek-ie, black Jewish rosary by Carlen Altman, vintage brown leather/brass belt from Horizons Vintage. On Susan, vintage lace skirt, Cri de Coeur shoes, with all jewelry by DLC Brooklyn. Sarah strums in a Pearl River dress.
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Do you share a lot of stuff?
Sarah: "When we play shows, we usually borrow jewelry from each other mostly. I tend to put Susan's jewels in my hair. I have been using one of Angela's sunglass strings."
Jill: "We do at times, but usually we don't even know what we're all wearing 'til we show up to load our gear out. Somehow, it always works together. Same brain!"

Above: On Angela, vintage blue, embroidered dress from Fox & Fawn Vintage, Jewish rosary necklace by Carlen Altman, Bracelets by Cheek-ie, vintage shoes.
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Your music and personal style are heavily influenced by nature. Do you guys go for any Earth-friendly organic brands?
Susan Domelsmith: "Yes! I am the owner of the sustainable jewelry line DLC Brooklyn, and Angela and Sarah also have their own locally made collections. Our former drummer is Eviana of Bodkin, so we are all very conscious of how our clothes are made. We are also huge fans of vintage!"

Above: On Sarah, vintage top.
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How has your style evolved since the band has moved more and more into the public eye?
Jill: "We're all in the fashion industry, so I think we've all always had our own unique style, but it's fun to be able to play dress-up more and really get into it."

When you're on the road, what are the two things you can't be without?
Sarah: "MUSIC! Our roadtrips have inspiring setlists. And everything else Mama Angie and Susie Q. usually have…bandaids, homemade bug spray, etc."

Above: Susan poses in a Henrik Vibskov striped tank, vintage high waisted skirt, Prada shoes. DLC Brooklyn Media Bracelet, $100, available at DLC Brooklyn; DLC Brooklyn Metronome Bracelet, $145, available at DLC Brooklyn.
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Somehow, you guys manage to put on shows left and right without ever looking worn out. Any beauty secrets you want to share?
Sarah: "Vitamins, water, and sunshine. I use C Booth Tahitian Manoi Dry Oil spray and Josie Moran's Argan Oil."

We picture you hanging out in dive-bars 'till the wee hours of the morning, looking too cool for school. When you're not busy with the band, where do you go to hang out and what do you wear?
Sarah: "I go to Hotel Del Mano when my friend Lane is DJ-ing and I go see my friends bands. Lately, we have been playing shows so much that that is when we are hanging out. I got a traditional Mandarin dress from Pearl River recently that I love! It is a floral purple cotton with a high neck."

Above: Jill sits pretty in a vintage '30s dress from Five and Diamond in Hudson, NY, vintage necklace and rings from Morocco, and a Fortune Favors the Brave bracelets.
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Give us the scoop on your favorite shopping spots in the city. Any under-the-radar browsing destinations?
Sarah: "Stella Dallas and Atlantic Basement."
Jill: Fox and Fawn!  But my favorite shopping spot isn't in the city, it's in Philly.  They have the best vintage stuff and it's never picked over. I rarely buy designer stuff anymore. I find that it's so much more fun and interesting to wear vintage clothing. You can make something your own and it's special. No one else will share that piece. Nothing beats finding a totally weird clothing item and making it work somehow. That's why I never throw things out! You never know what it'll work with down the road."
Susan: "Metalliferous has amazing vintage jewelry components. I can spend hours in there."

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Do you put a lot of effort into deciding what to wear for a show? Do you have a "stage" outfit and a "normal" outfit?
Jill:  "We normally don't go too casual on stage but I do find myself buying things that would be 'good for stage.' I have that in the back of my mind when I shop.  But if I can't wear it in my every day life, then I probably wouldn't buy it.  Your clothes are an extension of you and you don't want to wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in."

You recently played a show in Montauk. Do you have any style stand-bys for a summer weekend getaway?
Jill: " Yes!  easy long dresses and skirts.  Anything that'll pack light and look good. I'm a light packer so I like to get a few outfits out of each piece if possible. Or just bring stuff that's easy.  I don't like to fuss on a weekend getaway.  I like being simple and comfortable.  I love my stonewash long tank dress by Mary Meyer and you can never go wrong with a nice vintage romper with a great print.  Also, jewelry is key.  You can add a necklace to anything and give it a whole new look."
Susan: "A giant blanket that can fit us all, and fun hair accessories."

Above: On Susan, H. Fredriksson yellow shingle print romper, vintage Dior beaded belt, DLC Brooklyn High Sea Necklace, $425, available at DLC Brooklyn. Cri de Coeur shoes. On Jill, vintage black shirt bought in Omaha, sequined leggings by Suno, leopard shoes by TenOverSix, Fortune Favors the Brave necklaces. On Sarah, Top Shop sequined dress.
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Give us a list of your favorite up-and-comers–in music and fashion.
Jill: "Wild Yaks are amazing and basically our brothers on stage. So much energy and always fun. I'm also excited for the new Light Asylum release on Mexican Summer. As for fashion, I'm constantly inspired by all my friends who make clothes and jewelry: Mary Meyer, Judi Rosen, Mandy Coon, Nomia, Fortune Favors the Brave jewelry....and of course the ladies of Open Ocean: Cheek-ie, DLC, and SFK camera straps."

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What about you Sarah?
Sarah: "In music, the legendary Ayshe (aka Anita Phix/Alan Lewandowski), The Working Poor, Pittsburgh stars Robin Vote, BK band Lovehandle, and Wild Yaks, who we have played with a few times now and love. Desert Stars…there are so many."

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Angela Barrows: "Cheek-ie, DLC, and SFK for jewelry and accessories. And for music, Teen, Light Ssylum, Desert Stars, and Chica Vas."

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Susan: "Fashion: H Fredriksson and Study NY. Music: Braids"

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Tell us your ideal song for a roof party? A beach day? A rainy day at home? And, getting into the zone to write music?
Sarah: "Happy Mondays- Hallejujah. Jah Woosh- Fattie Bum Bum. The Happy Medium show on And, Bo Diddley- Roadrunner."
Jill: "I had to choose albums! Songs were too hard and albums really build a mood. A Tribe Called Quest- The Low End Theory. The Sundays- Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Bill Fay- From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock. And, it's a toss up between OMD- Architecture & Morality and New Order- Movement."
Susan: "Toro y Moi- Still Sound. The Shangri-las- Give Him a Great Big Kiss. Pink Floyd- Fearless. And, David Byrne and Brian Eno- Strange Overtones."

If your style was a song, what song would it be?
Sarah: "Hard Headed Woman- Wanda Jackson."
Jill: "The Aislers Set- California"
Susan: "Caribou- Kaili"