33 Gifts For Every Man In Your Life

Sometimes, men are the worst when it comes to holiday gifts. This writer's boyfriend, for example, never requests anything specific, making it impossible to shop for him. As a result, people like him get random DVD boxed sets, sad ties, or colognes they never actually wanted.
Does this sound like a familiar scenario? To ensure the dudes in your life are happy with their gifts, we’re sharing cool gadgets, accessories, footwear, and more that’ll get them excited about the season (for once). Ahead, we rounded up the best finds for your dad, brother, fiancé, hairstylist, and more — power drills mercifully not included.

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For The Brother Who's More Stylish Than You
He already has the latest Gucci kicks and Yves Saint Laurent jacket, but he may not have caught wind of the coolest accessories from indie-luxe designers like Proper Assembly, Helm Boots, and Miansai.
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Ben Minkoff Nikko Cardholder, $65, available at Ben Minkoff.
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For The "Doesn't Want Anything" Dad
When you ask him what he wants, he almost always says, "Nothing." But, you have to get him something — he's the most important man in your life, after all. Our favorite finds for a dad like this are things he'd never buy for himself, like a colorful Dopp kit to replace his old one, a shaving kit, a luxe scarf, or leather gloves.
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For The Fiancé Who Has Everything
His closet is more jam-packed than yours. But, he could always use more essentials, like new boxers and socks. Or, if you really want to go for it, splurge on the perfect leather jacket or pair of brogues (in unexpected oxblood). You can never have too many gorgeous things, right?
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Bally Sforza Leather Key Case, $275, available at Bally.
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For The Guy You're Sorta-Kinda Dating
The last month or so have been fun, but you know it won't last forever. Still, if you don't give him anything, it'd be weird. So, opt for nice-ish gifts — but ones that definitely say "friend" more than "boyfriend" — like affordable headphones, a rad skateboard he can use as wall art, or a funny tee (which also benefits a charity — how nice). If you're just really not into him investing, a decent chocolate bar will do the trick.
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For The Uncle You Haven't Seen In Five Years
Since you haven't caught up with him in forever, go the safe route: a bottle of whiskey (or flask!), a nice watch (if you want to do something sweet), cozy blanket, or just a quirky card if you don't want to spend a lot.
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Fortress of Inca Blanket, $95, available at Fortress of Inca.
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For The Broke Boyfriend
You make more money than him. Good for you. There's no need to flaunt it — or be cheap about it. Go for middle-range gifts like a new wallet, a speaker, a print of a band he loves (frame it to make it more personal), or nice (but not too nice) sunglasses.
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For The Hairdresser Who Knows More About You Than Your Mother
You only see him every other month, but he knows everything about you. And, vice versa. Give him what he loves. Does he love rosé? (Who doesn't?) A nice bottle would be perfect. Or, find an item he can place on his vanity, like a book, decorative box, or candle.
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