29 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Work Wife

She's always been there for you, whether it's for a sympathetic vent session or a Gchat pep talk or just your daily coffee run. The term "coworker" doesn't cut it; she's your work wife.

So how do you choose a gift for the one person who has always been there for you (at least from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday)? We've rounded up 29 thoughtful presents that will show you care, without depleting your emergency-afternoon-Starbucks fund.

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File under: too real.

He Said, She Said Nameplate, $28, available at He Said, She Said.
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You don't technically mind that she jacks your charger every afternoon, but it would also be nice if she didn't, too. Consider this a really nice subtle hint (that will also fit in her makeup bag).

Triple C PowerGloss Universal Power Bank, $29.95, available at Triple C.
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Pick any color and short saying or name you want for a truly unique gift.

CW Enterprise Custom Pencils, $12 for four, available at CW Enterprise.
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Bonus: air plants require very little care, so even if she rocks at everything but horticulture, this little guy can still brighten her desk for months to come.

Air Friend You Rock, $14, available at Etsy.
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Perfect for the lunch-packing pact the two of you will make come January 1.

Just Mustard Retro Fridge Bento Box, $14.49, available at Plasticland.
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You know what they say: Drink for the job you want, not the job you have.

Ban.do Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug, $14, available at Ban.do.
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What is a work bag but a school locker you carry with you? This sturdy (and cute!) pouch keeps all the essential odds and ends corralled and close at hand.

Allie Kushnir Scuffle Zip Pouch, $36, available at Carpenter Hill.
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The perfect gift for a trip to her happy place IRL, not just in her head.

Typo Wanderer Travel Set, $39.99, available at Cotton On.
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The pouch also comes in reverse, in case you're actually the Kylie in the relationship.

Paper Source Kylie Pouch, $16.95, available at Paper Source.
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Make desktop organizing easy — and cute.

Perch Clarity Tab Paper Sorter, $18, available at Perch.
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'Cuz she's your homeslice.

Rachel Pfeffer Designs Pizza Slice Necklace, $58, available at Etsy.
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Some days, after-work drinks can't come soon enough.

Jonathan Adler Pop Bourbon Candle, $37, available at Amazon.
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Lula's Gardens plants ship in a cute box, meaning she can keep her plants at the office, or cart 'em home easily.

Lula's Garden Jewel Garden, $35, available at Lula's Garden.
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Bonus: These great colors come in a tin that's begging to be tucked away into a desk drawer for emergencies.

Bite Best Bite Redux, $25, available at Sephora.
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Food52's kitchen collection with Madewell is also great for tucking away rings.

Madewell x Food52 Rubber-Dipped Wooden Pinch Bowl, $10, available at Madewell.
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Not just for Tuesdays.

Seltzer Tacos Keytag, $14.95, available at Seltzer.
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A pocket-sized calendar is perfect for the work wife with minimalist sensibilities (as well as the work wife with a really cluttered desk).

Kate Spade New York 12-Month Desktop Calendar, $20, available at Kate Spade.
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We love all of Baggu's foldable, reusable bags, but would especially recommend this for the coworker who religiously checks her horoscope every Monday.

Baggu Standard Baggu, $9, available at Baggu.
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For the cool cat mom.

Fred And Friends Paw Pads, $8, available at Fred And Friends.
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The pencil pouch you loved as a kid, now all grown up.

Quitterie Pencil Case, $17.75, available at Present And Correct.
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You can't always take lunch away from your desk, but you can take a five-second spritz break with this face mist.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, $16, available at Nordstrom.
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Give a friend a scarf, you've warmed her for a few winters. Teach her to knit, she'll be warm for a lifetime (or so the old proverb says).

Wool And The Gang My Babe Snood Kit, $34, available at Wool And The Gang.
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The real happy hour is when the coffee is ready in the morning.

Ello Bandito Travel Mug, $14.99, available at Target.
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Place on tired eyes Monday morning. Repeat Tuesday-Friday as needed.

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Revitalizing Gel Eye Mask, $4.55, available at ASOS.
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Tuck away business cards (and the stray sandwich-shop punch card) in style.

J.Crew Coin Purse, $29.50, available at J.Crew.
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Highly recommended for a good sharer: 10 of Naturebox's most popular snacks, perfect for that 4 p.m. slump.

Naturebox The Nice List, $39.95, avaliable at Naturebox.
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No planner for 2017? No problem. This pretty undated planner lets you get organized, any week of the year.

Paper Source Painted Petals Undated Planner, $17.95, available at Paper Source.
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Organizing for dummies: Toss all your odds and ends on a pretty dish, then take a break because you've earned it.

World Market Hexagon Trinket Dish, $4.99, available at 3World Market.
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Make at least one New Year's resolution that's easy to keep. HydraTrak's colorful bands are meant to be pushed up as you refill the bottle through the day, meaning you don't have to keep track of every trip to the water cooler in your head anymore.

HydraTrak Water Intake Calculator Bottle, $12.99, available at Bed Bath And Beyond.
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