The BEST Holiday Gifts From A To Z

Long gone are the days when you had to shop only for your mom, brother, and best friend. Now, your gift list seems endless — presents for your colleagues, hairstylist, in-laws, and everyone in between. While you could just cop out and buy 26 Starbucks gift cards, the token of a truly good gift is a personal touch.
That's why we crafted the ultimate A-to-Z gift guide to ensure every crazy character on your list is covered with a truly thoughtful gift. From the coolest bag for your fashion-girl BFF to the timepiece the man in your life will love, it's all right here. Click through to find the perfect presents for all. C'mon, holiday shopping can be as easy as A, B, C...
Affordable Art
Turn your best friend’s hallway into a private gallery with a museum-worthy piece that costs about 1/30,000th of a Picasso. Probably less than that.
Burning Bright
These metallic mini candles look just as great as they smell and will brighten up any mantel.
Cuddle-Me-Closer Sweater
A snuggly sweater for all the gals in your life — perfect for when that fireplace gets cracklin' (or when that Yule Log video plays on loop).
Diamonds, Reimagined
It’s the ultimate dream gift. Instead of going the traditional diamond solitaire route, try something fresh and updated — like this half-triangle necklace — instead.
Extra Time
If the man in your life is always late and says he’ll use his phone stopwatch (but never actually does), it’s time for a sleek option with sporty accents that works for day and night.
Fancy Lady Bag
A luxe bag from the indie designer of the moment (which also happens to pack a serious punch) is a no-brainer for your A-lister pal.
Good Night, Darling
Perfect for that hardworking woman who just needs to say "bye" to everyone — at least for one night.
Home At Last
A quality pillow is one of the most versatile pieces in the home. It ties a room together and gets the job done for those midday naps.
"I'm Staying Inside All Day" Robe
Like gifting your homebody pal a never-ending bear hug.
Just For Fun
That Clue box has enough dust on it to fill a trash bin. Kick off family game night with this stylish Clare V. set that’ll look just as chic when folded up and tucked under anyone’s arm as one of her must-have pouches.
Knit Wit
Because knitting isn’t just for grannies — especially when you can whip up a so-rad beanie.
Lather Up
Not sure what to get that third cousin you only see once a year? Soap is always nice — unless they’re into the no-showering thing, of course.
Mug Moment
That alma mater mug has seen better days. Update your caffeine freak’s cup of Joe with a goblet that features a built-in straw. You’ll save your friend a year of teeth whitening.
Start your working girl’s year off right with a new notebook that’s almost too pretty to write in.
Office Mate
You have to pass your work-wife’s cube every day. Make it nice with a little life — good feng shui, right?
Portable Party
Give a lucky loved one the chance to listen to Taylor Swift in all her glory — through a sustainable Bluetooth audio system with arena-like sound capabilities.
Quiet As A Mouse
That Frozen doll has sold out anyway, but this vibrant, plush mouse is just as special and cuddly for the children in your life.
Riddle Me This
Convey a secret message to your No. 1 with this brilliant ring that features precious stones, each representing a letter. It’s the new form of initial jewelry.
Shine On
You may not feel the need for a super-luxe, jeweled pair of sunnies. But, trust us, your high-end squeeze will — for sure.
Time For A Walk
Your dog is a B, so she needs an on-trend leash for those post-food-coma walks.
She’s now a working professional and making a splash. Update that nylon billfold she’s had since she was 17 with a more professional pick that can double as a clutch.
Va Va Voom
You know what this is for...
Well Trained
High-concept sneakers continue to reign supreme. And, these fashion kicks will get your BFF jumping for joy.
Sometimes, just a card will do. Who needs so much stuff all the time?
Year Ahead
Happy New Year! A fun calendar is a nice update to the cartoon, tear-off version on your neighbor’s desk.
Zone Out
Want to block out the world? These are for you.

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