My Style: Inside Genevieve Jones' Stellar Soho Loft (And Closet!)

You always see her in Vogue. She's been snapped by Billy Farrell and co. more times than we can count. Zac Posen and Lauren Santo Domingo are in her inner circle. The It girl in question is known other than ultimate jet-setter Genevieve Jones, whose glam outfits — always just the perfect amount of offbeat — have been inspiring our vintage shopping habits since she moved here from Louisiana. More than just a social butterfly, the Southern transplant has translated her unique style, or "Fashion forward classic!" as she describes it, into an eponymous jewelry line (and now handbags!) that channels her globe-trotting and understated decadence. Sold at influential boutiques like The Webster and Collette, Jones' creations, like the iconic safety pin earrings, have been spied on trendsetters like Kate Moss and Rihanna. To get in on her dressing secrets, we toured the designer's airy Lafayette Street loft, where Jones tried on her favorite outfits, a copy-worthy mix of high and low; think jaw-dropping bejeweled A.F. Vandevorst shoes paired with Zara jeans, or vintage Morton Myles accompanied by Canal Street earrings. With a backdrop as eclectic as the ensembles — a giant stuffed peacock! psychedelic skateboards!— we may have asked Gen if she needed a roommate to crash on that giant tie-dyed day bed. Hey, we'll let her borrow our clothes, too.
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Describe your style.
"My style is pretty classic but there's a bohemian edge to it. I like to experiment with fashion — not crazy, I like nice pieces. It's just a mix, I mean I dress to balance out or improve my mood in order to feel sexy or fun. Fashion forward classic!"

Vintage Morton Myles for Malcolm Charles dress, vintage belt, Marc Jacobs shoes, Genevieve Jones jewelry.

Photographed by Michael Flores
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How did growing up in Louisiana influence your personal style?
"Well, there wasn't much access to fashion in general. We had a mall in the city — because I actually lived in New Orleans and outside of Baton Rouge in Prairieville. Baton Rouge had a mall and I didn't really like to look like everyone else at school so I discovered vintage shops that were called thrift stores and I would just read Vogue or even Seventeen magazine and do my own interpretation with older vintage pieces. So, it was actually really cool and that's how I got into fashion. Plus, I'd have an allowance to go shopping so I'd get bag loads of clothes because everything was like a dollar! And I started tailoring because I was impossibly skinny — like negative 0 — so it was actually really cool. I was kind of like an outsider anyways, so I felt like there was no point of fitting in, so I just kind of did my own thing. That was the good thing about not being popular — I was like I'm just going to be who I want to be."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Who and/or what influences your style?
"I focus on beauty because if I see something beautiful or something that moves me or even a poem that moves me (or even Game of Thrones) I'm inspired! So, beauty in its truest sense is what really inspires me. But right now I'm really into Patty Pravo and all the '70s European rock stars. And, I'm a girl so I love feminine, elegant clothes and people like Audrey Hepburn and even girls like Kirsten Dunst and Lauren Santo Domingo – I think they are just so amazing. I'm inspired by new school/ old school, everything. Beauty, beautiful things!"

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Which designers do you really admire right now?
"I'm obsessed with Altuzarra. I'm so glad he shows in New York because he's amazing. I love Zac Posen because I've known him since high school and I know he's a master tailor and I really respect that. He's all about quality and luxury and fantasy and beauty and it's just like, 'sexy woman.' I love Alaïa, super old school. I'm kind of into just elegant, classic. I love the old houses like Ferragamo and Chanel and Valentino — oh my god! They're pretty much the best right now."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What's your go-to outfit for daytime?
"Jeans, a T-shirt, and ballet flats, especially if I'm running around."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What are your favorite ballet flats?

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What's your go-to outfit for night?
"Nighttime I like to wear dresses, so if I'm on a date then I don't dress as fashion-y and I wear like a romantic, sexier dress. If I'm going to an event I'll wear something fashion forward and just play with designer clothes!"

Photographed by Michael Flores
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You travel a lot! How does traveling affect your style?
"It's crazy! It really affects me because I go to Asia a lot and it's a very youth-obsessed culture and everybody kind of dresses like a little girl — like an eight-year-old little girl! So I'll be on the beach and I'll see all these beautiful sarongs and I just go crazy and it's all cheap so I'm like, 'Oh my god this is so amazing!' And then I come back with all these little girl clothes and this beach stuff and it's like January, and I'm like what am I going to do with all this stuff?! It's like oh, wait this is not going to work here!"

Vintage dress, AF Vandevorst shoes, Genevieve Jones gold ring.

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Do you try to make it work?
"I hang onto it! You know, summertime I'll definitely whip it out. They have a lot of amazing textiles so I have a lot of nice silk chiffon — which is my absolute favorite material because it flows — and I'll mix that and I'll make it more contemporary-looking with jeans or something."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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You became interested in jewelry in India — how did that influence your design process and does it still influence your line today?
"Well, I was interested in jewelry my whole life, but when I was in India, they have so much beautiful jewelry, so I was like 'oh my god!,' and they had a jewelry-making class and I was living in an ashram and I had all this time to do... anything! So, I took a jewelry-making class and it was fun and then I started just making stuff and getting stuff made at jewelry stores. Then my friends loved it and I was like oh I should go and make more than one and find a manufacturer, but that was the hard part! I thought it would be easy but you can't get it made at a retail price. So I had to find a good wholesale manufacturer that was on my same page and that I could trust — it's like dating! Seriously! Because a lot of people look at your designs are are like, 'Haha, no way, this is stupid!'"

"Well, everybody does different things. A lot of people in Asia, they don't even speak English, so it's tricky. And now I'm looking here in New York because traveling is nice, but it's hard to live and have a life. You know, with my dog and boyfriends — it's not the easiest thing."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Are you still influenced by India in your jewelry today?
"I am influenced by the world, yes. India… I don't make Indian-looking jewelry per se. It's more like Thailand because that's where I work. You know, that's the jewelry-making capitol so you just get to see the world in, like, a jewelry trade center."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What type of girl would carry your handbags?
"A very chic, stylish girl with amazing, flawless taste! Like, Kate Moss — she totally represents! My assistant found a picture of her, she was wearing a bag yesterday! I make stuff with the intent to have it forever, so that, in a sense, is why I say I have a classic style. I don't really follow trends. If there's a trend that's really cute, I mean why not, but I tend to just kind of do my own thing. Like, I don't buy clothes going 'okay I'm not going to wear this next season.' If I actually purchase something, I want to have it forever."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What do you love about being a jewelry and handbag designer?
"I like it because everything for me is details and it's those little things. Like, even if I have a mess, I'll rearrange it so that the mess is a pretty mess. I like the detail, I like making small things in precious materials. They have a lot of great energy and it's just beautiful, that's just what I love. I also want to do houseware/homeware. Yeah, I want to branch out for sure, but all in good time. I'm happy with where I'm at now and I just go at my own pace. I'm not on a fashion calendar yet!"

Yves Saint Laurent sweater, Mandy Coon pants, Marc Jacobs shoes, Genevieve Jones necklace, Eddie Borgo bracelet.

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Would you ever do clothing?
"Yeah, I would do clothing. I know amazing designers and I'm never going to say that, 'Oh, I could be them.' I could take a more Kate Moss approach where I get inspired by my vintage pieces and do something new, probably with licensing. Because I've worked in fashion and know how hard it is for designers. It's just a lot of work."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What would you be if you weren't a designer?
"A housewife! (laughs) I mean, my whole life is about design. Maybe I'd go to school and… see! Architecture is design as well. So yeah, a gardener or housewife. Life is design for me, everything is design!"

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What are your beauty tips or secrets?
"Water is very important; It's something I should drink more often! I think diet is most important because I see a difference in my skin when I eat healthy and when I eat crappy. More so than alcohol, food affects my looks. I work out — not obsessively — but I like to blow off steam and it raises my endorphins."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What are your three favorite beauty products you could never live without?
"Almond oil. I just put it everywhere. I love NARS body glow, and Smashbox primer is very cool!"

Vintage Hermès blouse, Zara jeans, Miu Miu pumps, Genevieve Jones rings, Genevieve Jones earrings.

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What is your most special piece in your wardrobe?
"My favorite is a black silk and chantilly lace vintage dress, no name. I've never put that dress in storage and I've had it for like 10 years. Madame Paulette keeps it from falling apart. It's just so beautiful and so romantic and I have really good luck in it! They've repaired the lace to where you can't notice it. It's old, but it looks like it could be brand new."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What is your best vintage find of all time?
"The navy Galanos dress was a great find!"

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What are your favorite vintage shops?
"Well Exquisite Costume just changed their name to something else (Ed note: Ritual Vintage) and I always go there. I love Resurrection because they're the best editors but they're so expensive! I like to shop in New Orleans because that's where you get the Resurrection quality."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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Ohhh, let us in on the secret?
"It's called Retroactive."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What magazines and/or blogs do you read for inspiration or entertainment?
"Refinery29, duh!,, my girlfriend Kristen has a blog Mademoiselle KDIA. I love 1stDibs to dream! I'm not actually a big computer person, I hardly have time!"

AF Vandervorst top.

Photographed by Michael Flores
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And magazines?
"I like World of Interiors and I love Purple, but I also love Vanity Fair and Vogue."

Photographed by Michael Flores
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What jewelry trends are you feeling for spring?
"I think yellow gold is really big right now. My safety pins are always classic. I try to do something new, like for this season I did snakes. I guess kind of delicate. For spring everything gets lighter, so delicate pieces — maybe a chunky ring. I love Eddie Borgo's jewelry. I'm not a big costume jewelry person but I do buy a lot of what designers are doing right now."

Jalil Peraza T-shirt.

Photographed by Michael Flores