Family Ties: Jemima Kirke Models Her Mom's Gorgeous Duds

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    We know that there is such a thing as a "girl crush," but can you have a "family crush?" Because that's the only way to describe how we feel about Jemima Kirke and fam. We've seen her Jessa come to life on HBO's Girls, and sister musician-slash-doula Domino Kirke achieve model status in Suzannah Wainhouse's recent campaign. Now mama Kirke is pulling out a little something from her own bag of tricks.

    The online launch of designer Lorraine Kirke's vintage fashion and home goods collection Geminola coincides with a photoshoot featuring not only gorgeous, hand-dyed, vintage-fabric dresses, but also the likes of her three daughters, Jemima, Domino, and Lola. Each sibling sports a stunning piece with her own sense of personality and flair. Imagine spending an afternoon with your loved ones, laughing and frolicking in one-of-a-kind dresses designed by your own mother. It's official. We've got a serious family crush.

    Photo: Courtesy of Geminola.

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