Your April Love Horoscope, Revealed


Buckle up! We're speeding down the spring-fever superhighway in April. Thank passionate Mars for the wild ride. All month long, the red planet will cruise through fiery, adventurous Sagittarius — the zodiac's daring jet-setter. Vacation romances heat up, and so will cross-cultural attractions. Coupled up? Weekend getaways will be h-h-h-hot!

But beware: With Mars in Sagittarius this month, truth bombs are bound to be dropped. Honest conversations about feelings become unavoidable. Apply an extra measure of tact when broaching touchy topics. And pay special attention when Mars dips into a tension-fueling retrograde from April 17 on. Since Mars is the warrior planet, its retrograde phase can make us all a lot more sensitive. One "little" neglectful action could set off an epic lovers' quarrel, so be super considerate of both dates and mates. Playing with fire is fun until the 17th, but after that you'll feel the burn.


Look who's feeling fired up about relationships! Red-hot Mars is pulsing through your couple-y seventh house all month, making you eager to lock down true love. And with the sun beaming through your popularity-boosting 11th house until the 20th, you could have a fleet of prospects to choose from. Online connections may deliver, especially near the new moon on the 7th. The thing about Mars, though, is that it can make you come on strong. Pace yourself, Gem, or your intensity could short-circuit a hot connection.

When Mars turns retrograde for 10 weeks on the 17th, you could fall into the familiar arms of an old flame. If you're in a relationship, April's Mars cycle could turn up the heat on your bond. Exciting? Sure, but also kind of stressful. You'll have to dial down the "Where is this relationship going?" pressure, while making sure that you're actually heading in some sort of committed direction. Timing is everything when having these talks. To keep yourself balanced, fill your calendar with social activities, so you're not waiting desperately for bae to text. The full moon on the 22nd will inspire you to hit the yoga studio and find your inner balance. You’ll become open to love but not starved for it.

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