5 Things To Know This AM


It’s a good day to be a panhandling puppy. The city of S.F. will offer Haight Street transient kids moolah to foster troubled pooches. (SF Gate)

In need of a morning chuckle? Peep some funny commercials from the first dot-com boom. R.I.P. Pets.com. (SFist)

Secret garden! Here is a list of must-see hidden parks and terraces. (HuffPo SF)

If you’re looking for a rustic-meets-rock n' roll watering hole, maybe you should check out new libation-haven Rio Grande. (Urban Daddy)

As if we weren’t excited enough for the SATC drag show! This cute vid shows Carrie Bradshaw like you’ve never seen her before. (YouTube)


Photo: Via HuffPo SF