8 Smart Products For Your Tiny Apartment Garden

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile.
When you live in a cramped apartment, the idea of having a garden sounds laughable. What, some flowers on my fire escape? They'd probably turn into dried flowers long before I remembered to water them a second time. But even if you've got limited square footage, you can still add some greenery to your space. Companies have realized that not everyone has a grassy lawn — let alone a yard — and they're making products that are perfect for apartment dwellers. Some are simple gardening kits, while others just add a smart, low-maintenance touch of greenery to your pad.

Whether you were born without a green thumb, lack space, or think you don't have time for some flora in your life — you can do it. We've found eight products that make it super-easy to start growing just about any kind of plant indoors. Read on for our picks.
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Photo: Courtesy Click & Grow.
Nothing says "I'm a grown-up" like fresh herbs sprinkled atop a homemade dinner. Click & Grow's tiny indoor herb garden has everything you need to get started — just plug it in and add water.

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit, $60, available at Click & Grow.
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Photo: Courtesy Allsop.
For something low on maintenance and high on ambience, line a window or balcony with a couple of these 5-by-8-inch solar terrariums. An embedded solar panel soaks up sunlight during the day, so a gentle glow illuminates your succulent by night.

Allsop Solar Terrarium, $34, available at Amazon.
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Photo: Courtesy Edyn.
If you've got a small garden on your balcony, or just an indoor plant that you don't want to forget about, Edyn can help by providing actionable data about how to keep it alive based on its current soil, sun, and water conditions.

Edyn Edyn, $100, availabe at Edyn.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Seedling USA.
Technically, this app is designed for kids, but we don't really care. It's a super-fun way to A. actually remember to take care of your plant, and B. document its progress so you end up with a cool time-lapse photo.

Seedling USA Seedling Grow app, free, available on the App Store.
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Photo: Courtesy Parrot.
Stick the twig-like Flower Power sensor into the pot of your favorite houseplant, and you can monitor its temperature, moisture, and fertilizer levels, which'll help you keep it happy and green.

Parrot Flower Power, $60, available at Parrot.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Grasslamp.
This one is decidedly overpriced, but it does look totally space-age. You can grow your own wheatgrass (which takes about 15 days) in this desktop hydroponic pod.

Grasslamp Desktop, $400, available at Grasslamp.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Miracle-Gro.
This compact indoor-garden solution comes with three different seed packs. You can grow anything from fresh herbs and salad greens to vegetables and flowers.

Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Sprout 3-Pod Garden, $50, available at QVC.
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Photo: Courtesy 1000bulbs.
In this setup, you've got to keep both a plant and some fish alive, but it should still be easy-peasy — waste from the fish fertilizes the plants, and then the plants' root systems automatically filter the water for the fish. Talk about a symbiotic relationship!

Hydrofarm Aquaponics Starter Kit, $60, available at 1000bulbs.com.