What To Buy At Gap For $100 Or Less

As we mature, so does our taste in clothes. Sure, trends of our youth will always resurface (we'd be lying if we said we didn't recently purchase light-up trainers); overall, though, our shopping roster evolves, swapping in more sophisticated labels instead of younger, possibly cheesier lines. But, while our list of favorite stores is in constant flux, the Gap is always a given.

It always has something we want to wear, whether that's a flannel shirt, just-ripped-enough-jeans, or a classic, wear-with-everything jacket. More importantly, the Gap lets us leave with a full bag (or cart) without going over our spending limit. Ahead, our favorite under-$100 gems to keep that budget on track while still scratching that spring-shopping itch.

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Sweaterdresses don't always have to be bulky: This fitted midi dress is as flattering as it is cozy.
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If we wear tropical prints, a warm-weather getaway will just fall into our laps, right?
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What's better than a beanie in the wintertime? A fleece-lined beanie in the wintertime.
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A subtle way to go graphic.
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Spacious pockets and zippers galore, plus a hood? Check, check, and check. This jacket has all the details we need.
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Look good with every layer.
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Not your typical floral print.
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Yellow's the color to beat this season.
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The perfect balance between baggy and fitted.
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A simple, heathered-look shirtdress for work and play.
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High-waisted perfection.
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When it's time to put your snow boots in storage, you'll want a cool pair of sneakers to welcome the springtime.
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This plaid dress is an easy option: It lets you roll out of bed 15 minutes late, get dressed in a flash, and still make your breakfast date.
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Like sweatpants, except you can wear them out of the house.
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Lingerie lovers swear by it; you, too, should take the bodysuit plunge.
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Button up.
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Spring break is still a few weeks away. Tide over any tropical wanderlust with a cool palm-leaf print.
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This blazer top makes the no-shirt look easier to achieve (and less intimidating to attempt).
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Sometimes, it's better to stay on the grid.
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Moto jackets always look cool, no matter the material.
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Zip it. Zip it good.
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Swap out your go-to button-down chambray for a collarless version.
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Yes, we survived Snowmageddon — but, February's still going to be cold. A short coat is an indispensable layer during the final winter stretch.