10 Awesome Gallery Walls We Found On Instagram

For anyone slightly nervous about hanging art incorrectly, gallery-style is the answer. A vast collection of prints can look intimidating (and difficult to space evenly), but here's a secret: Anything goes. You can arrange pictures close together or far apart. Oil paintings can stay in their own clique or socialize with photographs, watercolor prints, even clocks.
Ahead, we found a variety of traditional, zany, and colorful methods to get you inspired for your own art transformation this weekend. And, if you're still feeling a bit unsure, check out our video tutorial with NYC gallery owner Bill Powers. Get to it. The sky's ceilings's the limit.
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Photo: Via @joyarose.
Make it a family affair and stick to portraits.
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Photo: Via @rachael_sawyer.
Cluster tiny round frames in the middle of larger square paintings.
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Photo: Via @sheamcgeedesign.
The black frame, white matte route is always a classic.
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Photo: Via @biancagreenart.
Busy prints appear as a unit when tightly grouped together.
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Photo: Via @maemaepaperie.
Who said a gallery wall needs frames?
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Curate a vignette of vases and plants beneath a collection of frames.
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Photo: Via @photoindecor.
Dare to go low, very low.
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Photo: Via @younggoldteeth.
Try decoupaging behind the frames for a saturated look.
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Photo: Via @brightbazaar.
Stay within the same color palette for a soothing vibe.
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Photo: Via @finelittleday.
All wallflowers present and accounted for.